Best Paint for Wood Floors Top 7 Options of 2023

Wooden types of the floor are the most usable floor in the USA. It is pretty while you decorate it with painting. We’re painting our wooden floor to look glossy. Some people are looking for the best paint for wood floors to design the floor or change its look. You may find the best in this content if you are looking for the best wood paint for the floor.

Are you want the best paint for wooden floors? If you’re, check the list of the best paint and its reviews to have the best one for your floor. Finding out the best wooden floor paint is quite tricky out of thousands of products. That is why our experts decide to research the best paints for your wood floors to deliver you the best product.

In this article, we’ve provided you with the best paint with a painting guide and similar questions and answers to understand how you paint your wooden floor quickly. Let’s hit the product reviews section to pick up a quality paint that matches your floor. Then hit the painting information and FAQ sections to paint your wood floor yourself.

What Is The Best Paint for Wood Floors?

In our market, thousands of wooden paint can paint your wood floors. But what is the best one? How do you pick up the best one for your floor? Let’s quickly consider some pains to select the best wood paint within 5 minutes.

1. Oil-Based Paints: 

Oil-based paint is a popular paint for wood floors. Most wood floor users use oil-based paint to paint their floors. Oil-based paints have some of the features that are why it is famous worldwide. If these features go well, you may select an oil-based paint for your floor. Oil-based paint takes a long time to cure on the floor surface to be a more potent solvent. Also, this paint doesn’t smell like chemicals or a delightful smell.

Oil-based paints also have some cons you need to know before purchasing. Oil-based paint does not work well in a wet place. If you’re looking for paint for applied wet place wood floors, then you’re not eligible for oil-based paint. Remember, oil-based paints are only working in dry places.

2. Acrylic Paint: 

Acrylic paint is also a good choice for wood floors. We know that acrylic paint quickly cures on the floor and dries faster. You may select acrylic paint for wood floors to change their surface design and repaint it. It has some features like

  • Easily drying up
  • No odour
  • It doesn’t cost a higher value.
  • Cures up within an hour
  • It can be diluted with water.
  • Washable from your hands after painting

3. Enamel Paint:

 It is one of the best paint among oil-based, acrylic, and latex. You may consider having enamel paint for wood floors to change their color. They are straightforward to apply and dry faster than acrylic paint.

4. Solvent-Based Paint: 

This is not colour-changing paint for the floors. While you want to refresh your painting floors, you may need solvent-based paint. It refreshes the floor surface from dust, scratches, and other dirt.

What Is The Most Challenging Paint for Wood Floors?

The best types of toughest paints for the wooden floor are acrylic, latex, or enamel paints. These are the durable paints than traditional oil-based paints. They are also eco-friendly, and it has fewer fumes that provide no smell features while painting the floor. Latex, acrylic, and enamel paints last longer on the painted surfaces. If you want to paint any toughest floor surfaces, select these paints for longer-lasting and best results.

  • Acrylic paints
  • Latex paints
  • Enamel paints

Top Rated 7 Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews

Paint NamePaint TypeBrandLatest Price
KILZ Over Armor PaintAcrylicKILZ Over ArmorCheck Price on Amazon
Rust-Oleum 367598  PaintEnamelRust-OleumCheck Price on Amazon
INSL-X CTS39989A-01 Tough Floors PaintAcrylicINSL-XCheck Price on Amazon
Rust-Oleum 365930 Paint FloorWater-colorRust-OleumCheck Price on Amazon
RTG Deck PatioAcrylic, EnamelRTG Supply Co.Check Price on Amazon
1 qt Rust-Oleum BrandsWater-colorRust-OleumCheck Price on Amazon
INSL-X SU031009A-01 AcrylicAcrylicINSL-XCheck Price on Amazon

1. Most Durable Floor Paint: KILZ Over Armor

KILZ Over Armor Wood floor paint

Check Price on Amazon

When painting wood floors, you have to pick the best Paint. All paints in the market are not equal and suitable for wood floors. KILZ over Armor Floor Paint is one of the best paints available and will give excellent results. This is our first recommendation in this article. You can make your house floor beautiful for many years with Paint.

The Paint is one of the best paints for painting wood floors. This Paint provides solid color, is textured to the surface, and provides a good coating for bridge cracks. It gives a uniform look to old floors like wood and concrete after painting. Moreover, you can use this Paint on many surfaces such as decks, porches, boat docks, and railings. It results well on concrete surfaces.

Furthermore, the Paint is available in two colors, redwood, and Natural Gray, for painting. You can choose the color that is suitable for your needs. The Paint can easily apply with a brush, roller, and paint sprayer. For better results, Use a nylon/polyester brush or a high-quality roller. It is good to apply Paint when surface and air temperatures are between 50°F (12°C) and 90°F (32°C).


  • It is suitable for bridges cracks and hides imperfections
  • It gives an excellent look to the wood and concrete surface
  • Easy to use
  • Paint requires only one coat for coverage
  • Available in two colors, redwood, and natural Gray


  • You cannot apply it to drivable surfaces

2. Interior Wood Floor Paint: Rust-Oleum 367598

Rust-Oleum 367598 Floor paint

Check Price on Amazon

The Rust-Oleum 367598 wood floor kit is ideal if you want the paint to update your outdated flooring. This water-based formula works with many flooring types and provides excellent coverage in on-trend colors. The paint works with various flooring types, including ceramic porcelain, concrete, vinyl, and more.

It provides excellent coverage and gives a smooth finish to the surface. You can apply paint for the top coat and cover up to 100 square feet with one kit. Further, the paint is best used for beginners and adults. The color is excellent for repairing floors and gives a new look to old floors.

Many people’s use this kit for interior painting. It is best to use for interior and exterior floor painting. For more information, read a review on amazon. You can find many benefits of the paint from amazon. Relative content, wood letter paint lists.


  • The paint takes less time to Dries
  • Low odor and easy to clean
  • It provides excellent coverage
  • The On-trend colors are suitable for designs
  • Work on many surfaces


  • Not used for arts and crafts

3. Exterior Paint for Floor: INSL-X CTS39989A-01 Tough

INSL-X CTS39989A-01 Tough Wood paint

Check Price on Amazon

If you want a durable satin finish that can withstand weather, then INSL-X CTS39989A-01 Floor Paint is the best paint for you. This acrylic paint is designed for a rugged and Provide durable finish with good resistance. It can resist ponding water and has excellent wearing qualities. You can use this paint on many surfaces like concrete and wood.

 It is perfect for interior or exterior floor coating and porch. The patio paint provides light commercial and residential floor applications. Furthermore, you can apply this paint when surface and air temperatures exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The paint can cover 350 to 450 square foot per gallon for floor painting.

You can do two coats on your floor to make it strong. If you want better results, review the INSL-X Tough tips before you start painting. You can apply this floor paint with a brush and roller. The paint is available in many colors so that you can choose any color for painting. We hope it will give you a long-lasting finish to your project.


  • Durable and give long-lasting
  • Provide Satin finish to surfaces
  • Withstands weather and abrasion
  • It Can resist ponding water
  • Perfect for interior or exterior floor coating


  • Not suitable for interior and exterior painting

4. Hardwood Floor Paint: Rust-Oleum 365930 Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum 365930 Floor Coating Base

Check Price on Amazon

I think you are looking for the best paint to protect your wood floor, then Rust-Oleum 365930 is the way to go. This water-based paint provides a Great coverage to floors and other. You can use this paint to make your floor beautiful for other people and family. First, apply the base coat and wait six hours to dry, and then apply the top coat on the floor.

Allow 24 hours after the top coat has been applied before walking on the floor. The paint protects the floor and is used for many surfaces. You can use paint on Wood, Ceramic, Vinyl and Porcelain surfaces. You can also apply this paint for repairing and a new look for the floor.

Additionally, adults and kids can also use paint for learning. The paint is available in black, giving an excellent look to the floor. You can also use this paint for the washroom floor because it never cracks with water. It has a low price But Provides quality results when applied to the surface.


  • Available in black color
  • Great use for adults
  • Provide gloss finish to project
  • Big size can cover 100 square feet area


  • It is not used for two coats

5. High Traffic Woods Floor Paint: RTG Deck Patio Paint

RTG Deck Patio paint

Check Price on Amazon

RTGPatio Paint is the perfect way to create a long-lasting finish on your outdoor surfaces and floor. The water-based formula requires no stripping, sanding, and priming to the surface. It can easily apply to any stained, sealed, and coated surface. For best results, remove caulk and wax from the surface before applying paint to surfaces.

This textured paint provides an attractive finish to floors. It also protects the exterior surfaces of floors that become slippery with water. The low-odour formula is perfect for decks, patios and stairs. Fast drying paint is available in four colors so that you can pick any color for your project. You can cover 80 -100 square feet area for painting with one bottle or can. 

Moreover, you can apply this paint with a brush or roller. Apply paint with a roller if you want a rough finish on your floor. You can use paint on many surfaces. Mostly used this paint on ceramic, wood and concrete surfaces. You can make your floor attractive with this paint. Please read its review on amazon to know paint more features. 


  • The paint is Eco-friendly and low-odour
  • Easy to apply with the brush
  • Low price and quality are reasonable in the market
  • It provides a good seal and protection


  • You cannot use this paint for walls painting

6. White Wood Floor Paint: 1 qt Rust-Oleum Brands 285140 Linen

1 qt Rust-Oleum Brands 285140 Linen floor paint

Check Price on Amazon

One qt Rust-Oleum paint is perfect for various surfaces and pleasing to use on floors. The excellent adhesion of paint provides an ultra-matte smooth finish to the floor. This paint is best for wood, metal, ceramic and canvas surfaces. Additionally, the latex formula of the paint allows easy clean-up with soap and water. You can cover 150 square feet of area with this paint.

Rust-Oleum White Paint is the best paint for interior usage. The prominent feature of the paint is fast drying. It takes no more than 30 minutes to dry after applying paint. You can use this paint for furniture repairing. It works good on the wood surface and gives a matte finish. You can primarily use it for one coat because it gets thin after applying to the surface.

Moreover, it is excellent for DIY and art projects. This paint has many positive reviews, which make it perfect for use. The paint is also used for fireplaces because it works on stone.


  • Provide superior coverage
  • The paint has accessible applications
  • One coat coverage for most surfaces
  • Great to use for furniture


  • No con

7.  Fast Drying Paint for Floor: INSL-X SU031009A-01 Acrylic Paint

INSL-X SU031009A-01 Acrylic wood Paint

Check Price on Amazon

INSL-X SU031009A-01 is a high-quality paint and perfect for stairs, walkways and floors. The paint is suitable for fills cracks and sealing surfaces. It also has a skid-resistant finish which is awesome for wet or dry conditions. Light grey color paint can use on interior and exterior surfaces. It has excellent color retention, which gives great fame to the surface.

The coverage for this paint is 80-120 square feet per gallon. Besides, the brand gives one year warranty for this paint. You can complain about this paint to the company if you see bad results. It has a high market rating, making it better than others. You can wash your floor, but the paint will never peel because of its good quality. We think if you read the full review of this paint, sure, you will like this paint.


  • Perfect for cement surface
  • A good solution for slippery problems
  • It has good coverage
  • High-rated paint in the market


  • The paint color is not accurate

Wood Floor Paint Buying Guide 2023

Hey floor paint finder, before you buy a wooden types floor paint, read the buyer’s guide to consider some criteria to select the best paint. In the buying guide section, we’ve shared information to help you find the best product.

Types of Wooden Floors:

There are some types of wood floors that provide a different purpose. We’ve seen different types of floors, such as the solid wood floor, engineered wood floor, wood spices floor, hardwood floor, pattern wood floor, and more. So, you need to know which types of wood floors you want to paint. Then select a paint that matches your floor types. Then you may go with it with a longer lifetime of your paint.

Place of Wood Floor:

The place is also essential before you select paint for your wood floor. Because some of the paint, like oil-based paint, doesn’t work in wet places. It will start to peel up within three months. Keep in your mind where you want to apply your paint. If you want to paint bathroom wood floor, living room wood floor, drawing room wood floor, outdoor wood floor, or high traffic wood floor, then your selected paint would be of different quality.


Choose a paint that provides easy application. If you want to paint yourself, then a straightforward application of paint will help you paint your wood floor like pro painters. Check out what types of primer you need to mix with the paint. If the paint needs any primer, then you may add it by following the user manual of the paint.

Drying Time:

Some of the paints take less time to dry, but most of the paints take a longer time to dry up properly. If you paint with acrylic paint, it will take up to 5 hours, but oil-based paint will take 24 hours. In this case, you must decide whether you want to use your floor today or later. If you’ve much time, you can use any paint. But if you want to use the wood floor immediately, select a paint that takes less time to cure.

Quality And Price:

Price and quality almost go together. A higher quality paint would be higher priced. So if you select a lower-priced product, it would be lower quality too. For the wood floor paint, you can spend $15 to $30 for good quality paint that will last longer too. But if you want more expensive paint, you must spend $40 to $80.

Can You Paint a Wood Floor Without Sanding?

We recommend that you can’t paint a wood floor without sanding it. Because sanding is preparatory work before painting any surfaces, when it comes to wood floors, we will see that a floor has oily stains, dirt, some unseen dust, grassy surface, and more. Moreover, if you apply paint without sanding it, it wouldn’t last long.

But, if you are sure that your wood floor is cleaned up and hasn’t any oily stains, you can apply paint on it without sanding. To be safe, you always sand the wood floor before applying paint.

Is Chalk Paint Suitable for Wooden Floors?

Yes, you can paint your wood floors with chalk paint. Most people regularly use chalk paint on their wooden floors. To paint chalk paint on wood:

  • Clean up the floor by moping.
  • Dry up the floor and lightly apply the chalk paint with a large paintbrush.
  • Make sure your chalk paint covers all the wood surfaces.
  • Use two cotes or more to get a glossy floor surface.

Are Painted Wood Floors Durable?

The wood floor is always durable, but what will happen when you apply paint? Yes, the answer is it keeps the painted surface of the wood floor durable. Because we’ve selected and reviewed all are high quality and durable paint. These paints make your floor look fashionable to protect it from scratches, dusty stains, and water. So a painted wood floor is always more durable than an unpainted wood floor.

Can You Use Floor Paint on Wood?

Yes, you can use other floor paint on the wood floor. But all the paint won’t last long on wood surfaces. Because the paint we select here in this article is specially made up for the wood. If you use any floor paint that allows wood, then you can use it to paint wooden floors.

Last Thought

The wooden floor is pretty, while it cares well if you leave like your wood floor without caring then it will damage day by day: any water drops, children’s urine, cold weather, dust and more things. Painting is the best solution to save and lifetime protection of wood floors. That is why we’ve brought you the best paint for wood floors. We hope you’ll already select paint for your paint.

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