Best Paint for Squishies: Kids Toy Painting Guide of 2023

The squishy is a type toy of sponge foam. It is specially made with soft polyphone foam that is slowly squeezed. It gets faded or discolored after a long time using it. In these cases, you may need to repaint your squishies to keep up to date or better look. Did you ever think about painting, designing, repainting, or acrylic painting your squishy? Yeah! If so, you’ll find here the best paint for squishies that will make your squishies look newer.

Here, you can find the best paint for DIY squishies, puffy paint for squishies, and other relevant types of paint for squishies in the list below. All our guideline shows you what paint works better for squishy and how you paint it to get better results.

All the paint we selected for squishy is recommended for the many verified users who usually paint their squishy and enjoy the perfect results. To be a satisfied squishy painter, follow our complete instructions and use our recommended paint to make you happy with more extended service.

Can I Paint Squishies?

I’ve seen lots of people asking can you paint squishies at home? That’s why I decided to answer this question in the middle of the article. Yes! You can paint your squishies as you want. Also, you can design any squishy by painting to look attractive. But be sure what type of paint you’re applying on your squishy. It’s vital to select the right paint to have perfect results. I hope this article will help you select an effective and good paint for your beloved squishy.

What Paint Do You Use for Squishies?

There is enormous paint available at the market, which works better on squishy. But all the paint cannot provide you with more extended service or the shiny surface of your painted item. So here I will talk about some paint that is popular and effective too. Do you know what kind of paint to paint squishes? Let’s learn here.

Acrylic paint on Squishy: Acrylic paint is the most popular in the world to paint most of squishy. Many squishes lover use acrylic for any reason. It is easy to apply, has fast dry facilities, lasts longer, and provides a smooth look that is impressive. And acrylic paint is easy to find everywhere globally, which can be another reason. So you can give it a try and realize yourself and share with us how happy are you or how satisfied are you?

Puffy paint on Squishy: Puffy paint is also used for painting, designing, repainting, and many other squishes. You can even use puffy paint to paint your items. Our product list and product reviews section will help you find out the best puffy paint for squishes that you need to paint.

Nail polish on squishy: I’m delighted to share this information with you. Did you ever think a nail polish could repaint it and make it an eye-catcher? Yes! It’s true! You can use nail polish on your squishy and paint it. Remember, nail polish may need 2 or 3 coats to be a bright and beautiful shiny look so that you can also give it a try and share with us your experiment.

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What is The Best Cheap Paint for Squishies?

Squishies Paint NameColorBrandLatest Price
Tulip Dimensional Fabric PaintRainbow  TulipCheck Price on Amazon
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint KitsRainbow  TulipCheck Price on Amazon
Bulk Buy- Puffy PaintMulticolorPuffy  Check Price on Amazon
Made By Me PaintAssorted Paint Colors  Made By MeCheck Price on Amazon
Tulip Dimensional Neon Fabric PaintNeon  TulipCheck Price on Amazon
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint SetBrights and PastelsCrayola  Check Price on Amazon
Crayola Washable Finger Paints  Multi- color  Crayola  Check Price on Amazon

1. Best Fabric Paint: Tulip Dimensional

Best Fabric Paint: Tulip Dimensional

Check Price on Amazon

Squishies are great toys for kids to play with it. It is also used for home decoration. If you want to paint it, Tulip Dimensional paint is the best pick. This is our first recommendation for squishies painting. It is non-toxic and permanent Paint, which is excellent for a fashion party. Many painters and crafters use this Paint to make different designs and learn more applications to create new dimensional structures.

Moreover, the Paint is best used for kids’ painting. Twelve-year-old kids can use this Paint for their school projects and other crafts. The Paint is also excellent for interior artwork for the product. Tulip paint is available in different colors for your various designs. Furthermore, all paints come in a big bottle, so you can use this Paint with your hands to make your painting level high. 

You can use this Paint to repair your old painting. Tulip paint will not crack or peel after drying. Some colors are broken after drying, but this is high-quality Paint. Its best feature is the Paint will dry fast and cover an excellent area. It has many features. If you want to read, check on Amazon.


  • Dry fast and never crack after dry
  • Excellent Paint for kids use
  • Easy to apply on squishes
  • Use on other surfaces
  • Nontoxic and permanent Paint
  • Available in different colors and big bottles


  • Not used for shirts, shoe painting

2. Best Paint Kit: Tulip Soft Fabric

Best Paint Kit: Tulip Soft Fabric

Check Price on Amazon

This is another pick for squishies painting. Tulip Soft paint is excellent to use for different designs on squishies. The rainbow colors are easy to apply and make your squishies beautiful. The Paint is available in many colors like red, yellow, green, and white. You can apply any paint to your project to make it stylish. 

Tulip paint is fantastic for fabric surfaces because it provides a smooth finish. Moreover, all ages, boys, and girls, can use this Paint for their painting projects. Its good features are the Paint will be easy to washable and permanent. Significant level painters can use this Paint to make their paintings more perfect. 

Before painting, the fabric can prewash to remove any shrinking. Many users ask if it is good to paint to use on squishies. The high-rated Paint is perfect for t-shirts, shoes, and canvas painting. 


  • Easy to apply on any surface
  • Amazing Paint for squishies
  • Low price 
  • It has bright color
  • Paint takes low time to dry


  • Not used for beginners

3. Best 3D Paint Set: Bulk Buy- Puffy Paint

Best 3D Paint Set: Bulk Buy- Puffy Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Puffy Paint is a quality paint that you can use for your squishies. Puffy is the big brand in the market. The brand designs high-quality paints for different types of projects. Puffy Paint is perfect if you want to paint your squishies with good Paint. You can use this Paint for 3D fashion and projects. 

It is safe for kids because the Paint is non-toxic and chemical-free. Moreover, many kids use the Paint for their school projects. On all surfaces, you can apply this Paint. It is good to use on canvas, wood, glass, and more craft surfaces for a smooth finish. 

Fabric paint can easily wash in a machine. Puffy Paint dries durable, supple, and hyper dimensional. Even after being washed, it won’t fissure or peel. Furthermore, you can gift this Paint to your friends at parties, birthdays, and other functions. 


  • Safe for kids’ use
  • It is non-toxic and chemical-free Paint
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Durable and high quality


  • No cons

4. Best Multi Colored Paint: Made By Me Paint

Best Multi Colored Paint: Made By Me Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Made By Me is a new brand in the market and makes the Paint for this project. Many customers ask it is an excellent making paint brand. If you want multi-colored Paint for your different projects or squishies painting, apply Made By Me Paint. It contains different colors which you can use to design 3D figurines. The Paint is mainly used for animal paints, but it will also be significant work on squishies. 

You can easily apply this Paint to birds, cats, dogs, and other small animals. Besides, this Paint has a low price and gives high-quality results when applied. If you have a low budget, you can pick this Paint for your painting. The Paint is made in the USA so feel free to buy it. The brand gives you two month guarantee of this Paint.

Plaster toys are easily customized by made me paint. It works on a different surface but gives you a good result on the ceramic surface. we also try this painting for our different projects, and it gives us excellent results.


  • Create unique pet designs
  • Great gift for a birthday
  • Easy to use
  • Apply Paint with a brush


  • Bunnies ear broken Paint

5. Best Neon Paint: Tulip Dimensional Fabric

Best Neon Paint: Tulip Dimensional Fabric

Check Price on Amazon

Maybe you want bright color Paint for your squish painting. For creating different squishies designs, try Tulip Dimensional Neon paint. It is the best bright color Paint for squishies. It has many bright colors which give shine to squishies. The six-pack paint is also used on other projects. This color scheme is ideal for the neon color trend.

Paint Improved your accuracy and reliability using the Easy Flow bottle. It will never crack or peel after drying. You can use the Paint for different surfaces. DIYers of all ages and skill levels may enjoy our fantastic world of color with this harmless and easy-to-use product. The tulip paint will dry fast and quickly wash in a machine. You can create many designs on t-shirts and shoes with this Paint. 


  • Use for shirts and shoe painting
  • Essay to dry
  • Bright color with a superb finish
  • Made of good Material


  • Disappointing Paint ask by customers

6. Best Acrylic Paint Set: Apple Barrel 

Best Acrylic Paint Set: Apple BarrelĀ 

Check Price on Amazon

Apple Barrel paint set is our second last pick in this article for squishies painting. The matte finish colors are perfect for arts, crafts, and kids’ painting. The painting set contains all types of colors, which you can use for different paintings and projects. Acrylic is one of the excellent paints to use on squishes because it provides long-lasting. 

Apple Barrel paint is acrylic Paint and contains 18 bottles of colorful Paint. Moreover, you can use all these colors for your designs. All these color paints dry fast and give a matte finish. The Paint is perfect for all surfaces and gives 100% excellent results. People can use this Paint on wood, Styrofoam, plaster, terra cotta, etc. 

Paint can easily be brushed, stamped, and stenciled on your project. If you use a brush to paint your squishes, then it looks more beautiful because the brush gives a smooth finish. The Paint will clean up while wet with soap and water. This acrylic paint set works well for adults and kids painting. It is made in the USA with good, high-quality Material, so feel free to buy. 


  • Give matte finish to surfaces
  • Easy and smooth applications
  • Simply clean with soap and water
  • Made in the USA with high-quality Material


  • It is high Price paint

7. Best 6 Pack Paint: Crayola Washable Finger 

Best 6 Pack Paint: Crayola Washable FingerĀ 

Check Price on Amazon

Crayola Washable paint is the best choice for kids’ painting. If you are searching for kids’ Paint, then pick Crayola to paint for them. The Paint is available in 6 big bottles, and each bottle contains 25 ml of Paint for painting. In addition, it contains different colors like yellow, red, blue, and green so that you can make the design on squishies. 

Kids can use Crayola paint for their schools and other projects. It gives a good result on the paper surface. The Paint will never cause any hand issues because it is non-toxic and chemical-free. Furthermore, each of these paints is easily washed with water and cloth. 

Kids can use this Paint to make different paintings and improve their art quickly. Many people buy this Paint for gift parties. The Paint works great on the shirt and shoes. 


  • Safe for kids’ use
  • Great colors and well packed
  • Perfect for fingers painters
  • easily washable
  • Four years kids can also use this Paint
  • Nontoxic and chemical-free


  • It is not clean with cloths

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Squishies?

Squishes are very well-loved and pretty. These are a variety of colors with various shapes and can be squeezed like a stress ball. There are squishies in coffee cups or mermaid shapes and milk jars. Occasionally a little bit of squishy starts to lose color. It’s probably possible to clean paint off this stuffed squishy surface. List the recommended colors for repainting? Is the squash painted with acrylics? How does it work? Yeah! Painting soft squishy surfaces are also accessible. It drys quickly on its surfaces, applying smoothly.

How to Paint Squishy with Acrylic Paint?

Painting squishe is enormous fun and an enjoyable moment’s mainly for kids. Suppose you have an old or discolored squishy and want to paint it, then this step-by-step guide is for you to learn it perfectly. I hope you’ll love this step guide and in the end, you’ll be perfect on it. It’s an excellent step for you. Anyway, take your squishy and paint with us by following our steps.

What you’ll need?

  1. One or two squishy
  2. Acrylic paint. You can even use fabric paint.
  3. Puffy paint [Different color from acrylic paint]
  4. Paintbrushes
  5. Soft towel
  6. A nail filler or fine grain sandpaper

Step 1: You first need to clean the squishy that you need to paint or repaint. Use fine-grain sandpaper to scratch over the squishy. Do the same thing all over the area. If you didn’t clean it as well, the paint would peel off from the surface. Now make the surface little rough so the paint will sit adequately and stay longer.

Step 2: This is the step for painting the base coat. Take your acrylic or fabric paint and apply it over the squishy. Use different sizes of a paintbrush to do that. Gently paint all the corners and small holes if available. Apply base coat, then wait for 4 to 6 minutes, then reapply to make it smooth.

Step 3: Now is the time for fun. In this step, you’ll make fun of what you want. This step is for designing with puffy paint. Take your squishy and design it as you want. Let’s share what I do.

Cheap Paint For Squishies Buying Guide To The Best Paint For Squishies

To buy the right paint for squishes, you need to consider some criteria to select the best paint. If you pick paint and use it, you may not get the best results. So I will discuss squishy paint price, brand, quality, longevity, and application process. So let’s compare each painting with other paints. I hope this guide will help you pick the correct paint.

Price: The price is most important when buying paint for squishies. Most of the squish paints are less than $10. If you want high-quality paint, you must spend $15 or more. The more you spend more features you get while purchasing paint for squishes. I recommend buying more than $15 to bring quality and longer-lasting paint.

Brand: Brand is the thing that can ensure to delivery of a good product. It also increases the trust of the customers who want the best outcome. The popular and latest brands are trustful such as rust oleum, Krylon, dupli-colour, and more. So it would help if you also looked for the brand while considering buying paint.

Quality: A quality paint delivers high-quality features and shiny surface after painting. Also, quality paint is better to apply on the squishes. Remember, better to know that quality paint is quite expensive than regular paint.

Longevity: Another thing to know is how long your paint lasts after applying the paint. If your selected paint doesn’t last for a year, you will not be happy with it. So to avoid it, you’ve to check its longevity. Some paints last for a year to 2 years. And some other stains lasted to lifetime.

Applying: The last and essential condition to consider before buying a paint can work for squishes to paint your kids’ toys. If you select a paint that is difficult to apply, it may be the wrong choice. But if you’re an expert, then it’s okay. However, choose a paint that is easy to apply.

Can You Use Fabric Paint for Squishies

Of course, you can use fabric paint to paint squishy. Fabric paint is perfect for painting squishy as acrylic paint because fabric paint is softer than acrylic paint. Squishy toys squeeze acrylic paint cracks, but fabric paint doesn’t crack. However, you can apply fabric paint without any doubt. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint for Squishies

Yes! Acrylic paint is suitable for painting squishy. So you’re allowed to use acrylic paint on it. Most people use acrylic paint to paint their squishy.

Final Thoughts

I am delighted to share the best paint for squishies article with top-rated paints and its information. I hope you’ll find out this article helpful. But, before you purchase it, you must check its quality and price. Anyway, please share with us your experience and inspire others with the job. Thanks for being with us. Enjoy your time.

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