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Painting your shoes is fun, and it entertains you when you are free. We also wear shoes for protection and to look stylish. Players also wear sneakers for playing cricket, football, and other games. It is also good to paint old shoes to make them new. But it depends on the paint. To design your shoes you’ll need the best paint for sneakers as well.

But the question is, what is the best paint for shoes or sneakers? Most people use acrylic paint for shoes, but it depends on the surface of the shoes or sneakers. People use water-based paint on sneakers, and it will crack fast at the end of the result. 

If you want to make your shoes good and stylish, choose the right shoes paint. I will list the best paint for sneakers painting to make it stylish or beautiful in this content. you can choose the good paint that you like, perfect for your shoes painting

What kind of Paint Can You Use on Sneakers?

For sneakers painting, you can use good and quality paints. But most paintings depend on the surface of the sneakers. If you want to paint canvas sneakers, you can try acrylic or fabric paint. Furthermore, if you are painting vinyl-type shoes or sneakers, apply acrylic, fabric, leather, and other paints. But keep in mind the paint quality must be good; otherwise, low quality paint will crack fast. 

Our 7 Top Best Paint For Sneakers Reviews of 2022

Paint NameBrandPaint Type/ SurfaceLatest Price
Angelus Leather Paint SetAngelus Specialty/ LeatherCheck Price on Amazon
Neon Nights Fabric & Textile UV Paint Set Neon Nights Acrylic /  FabricCheck Price on Amazon
Sargent Art Acrylic PaintSargent ArtAcrylic / Wood, Glass, PlasticCheck Price on Amazon
Neopaque Sneaker Series Paint SetJacquardAcrylic / LeatherCheck Price on Amazon
Force Field unisex adult Paint KitSof Sole Acrylic / Leather, FabricCheck Price on Amazon
Apple Barrel PROMOABI Acrylic Paint SetApple BarrelAcrylic / WoodCheck Price on Amazon
Angelus Acrylic Leather PaintAngelus Acrylic / Exterior of LeatherCheck Price on Amazon

Here I list my top best sneaker paints for your sneakers painting. You can choose the right quality paint that makes your shoes or sneakers look professional. For buying paint, read all the reviews of the paints, then select a paint for your sneakers.

In reviews, you will know the benefits of the paints and other things about paints. All paints are good for painting, but what do you like for shoe painting? Let’s start reading the paints reviews to buy the good paint for sneakers.

1. Best Low Price Paint: Angelus Paint Set

Best Low Price Paint Angelus Paint Set

Check Price on Amazon

Most people wear leather shoes in the world because they look great on their feet. In cold Areas, leather shoes are the most worn shoes because it stops colds. Moreover, leather stays a long time on the feet. But if you paint leather, it will look beautiful and live a more long time. 

For painting leather, you can choose Angelus Paint. This is our top recommendation in this content for your shoe painting. Leather paint is also designed for leather because it makes leather soft. This paint is available in 12 different colors. You can choose any color you like.

Furthermore, paint is great for athletic shoes, jackets, and other leather things. You can design your shoes with this paint. It works easily on any leather. It is nontoxic paint and does not crack easily. The Angelus brand gives a guarantee of this paint, so feel free to buy this paint. It is made in USA and does not crack in cold areas. Further, you can apply 2 coats to shoes, and they will dry fast. 


  • Made in the USA 
  • Use on leather and fabric surfaces.
  • It does not crack fast
  • Durable and easy to use


  • Not waterproof paint
  • Not for children to use

2. Best Light Glow Paint: Neon Nights Fabric Paint 

Best Light Glow Paint Neon Nights Fabric Paint

Check Price on Amazon

To make designs on shoes or sneakers, you have to need light paint. This type of paint is great for designing. Neon Nights paint is the best paint for designing. You can use this paint on any surface of the shoes. Furthermore, it is good to paint clothes and other things with it. 

It is available in 8 packs and in various colors so that you can choose any color for your painting. All paints are acrylic and dry easily on low heat. It will shine in the sunlight and make your shoes or sneakers stylish. 

The high-quality paint is safe to use at customers, parties, and other festivals. It is great fun for kids to paint. Children can also use this paint to make beautiful designs. You can also read its review on amazon to buy it. Amazon gives more detail about this paint. 


  • Easy to use on any surface
  • Available in many colors 
  • It is great glow paint
  • Made of high-quality material


  • Not glow in the dark
  • Very low glow light

3. Best Non Toxic paint: Sargent Art Paint

Best Non Toxic paint Sargent Art Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Sargent Art  Paint is the best free chemical paint for sneakers. It is available in 12 packs so that you can apply any color to shoes. The size of the bottle is big, which has too many paints. Free chemical paint is good for hands. when you apply paint, it will not damage your hands. It dries fast and makes the leather of your shoes new once. 

If you want to repair old shoes or sneakers, you can apply this paint. Non Toxic paint is a great choice for fabric surfaces. Moreover, if you want to paint fabric surfaces, use this paint. It is made in the USA so feel free to buy it. 

The brand will give a guarantee of this paint. Furthermore, this is water-resistant paint and dries fast on heat. The paint has a low price and is easy to use. It has made of high-quality material, and most of the use buy this paint. I hope you like this painting and buy it for your painting.


  • Use on any surface like leather, water based
  • The size of the bottle is big
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Nontoxic and made in the USA
  • Low price


  • Some people ask if the quality is not good

4. Best Color Paint: Neopaque Sneaker Paint Set

Best Color Paint Neopaque Sneaker Paint Set

Check Price on Amazon

This is the best paint if you look for high-quality paint for your sneakers. High-quality paint is a good idea for shoes because it gives them long-lasting shoes. Moreover, leather experts ask you to use high-quality paint. 

Neopaque Sneaker paint is the best paint for leather and other surfaces. It includes 8 jar colors for different designs. This paint is used on an international level of painting. Furthermore, people use this paint on clothes, jackets and other things. 

This paint is also made in the USA, so its quality is good. USA brands make good paint for different uses, so feel free to buy USA paints. You can also use this paint on wood and plastic surfaces. I hope you like this paint review and buy it. For more detail, you can read the review on amazon. 


  • Made in the USA
  • paint is known for its quality
  • Dry fast 
  • Easy to use


  • Not use on water based surface

5. Best kids paint: Force Field adult Paint Kit

Best kids paint Force Field adult Paint Kit

Check Price on Amazon

Children also like painting and want to become good painters in life. Some children have dreams of becoming professional painters in life. But if you want to learn to paint then buy this paint. ForceField Paint is the best paint for kids painting. It is also used for shoes or sneakers. 

It is available in all colors to choose from and that you like. The brand is good for making these types of paints. The bottle size is big and contains a lot of paint. It contains 5 pieces of acrylic paint with a brush and guidebook.

 Kids can use a brush to make designs and do professional painting on shoes. It is good for kids to paint than other paints. Moreover, it is great for canvas painting. Its primary color is used for shade painting.


  • It is good for kids
  • good for canvas shoes
  • Contain brush with paints
  • Low price


  • It is thin paint

6. Best Matte Color paint Set: Apple Barrel PROMOABI Paint

Best Matte Color paint Set Apple Barrel PROMOABI Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Apple Barrel paint is our second last choice for sneakers painting. This is the right paint for all types of shoes. You can use a paint set on any surface, and it gives a smooth finish to the surface. Moreover, it available in 18 packs in different colors. So you can choose any color for your shoes. 

Sometimes we want to make a design on sneakers, so apply this paint to create more designs. The color kit includes white, yellow, blue, red, and other colors. When these colors dry, they give a matte finish to shoes. People also use these paints for art and craft. 

You can also use this paint for an international level of painting. Barrel paint is easy to clean with soap. Read the proper review and see its all features, then buy for your painting.


  •  Big size and Bright color paints
  • Give matte finish to project
  • Easy to clean with soap
  • Low price
  • Paint has a smooth application


  • Not for beginners Arts

7. Best White Paint: Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint

Best White Paint Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Angelus paint is our last pick for sneakers painting. This paint is great for white shoes or sneakers. It has made in the USA and is great for leathercraft projects. You can also use this paint for different purposes. The quality of the paint is high and will never crack after drying. You can mix this white paint with other paint to make new paint. It is very easy to clean and mixable with custom colors.

Moreover, it is waterproof paint and can not damage your shoes. The paint is non-toxic and chemical-free, so easily applied to sneakers. It is great for double coating and easily dries on low heat. I hope you like this paint and buy this for your beautiful painting.


  • Great for a double coat
  • Dry fast when completely applied
  • You can use brushes with this paint
  • Made in the USA


  • Not for beginners use

Can I Paint My Sneakers?

Yes, you can paint your sneaker with acrylic paint, spray paint, leather paint, and other paint, but it depends on the surface of the shoes or sneakers. First, you have to clean your sneakers and then make a design for the shoes. Then take quality paint and apply it to the sneaker. After painting, keep the shoes for drying. It is a very easy process, but you need some guidance. 

Things To Considered When Buying Sneakers Paint? 

To buy good shoes and paint you need to know some important things. If you choose bad paint, you can waste your money and time. Bad paint can damage the quality of your shoes. So choose the perfect paint and make your shoes stylish. When buying paint, you have to see paint quality, Price, brand, size, etc.

Paint Quality: 

The first thing you have to see when buying paint what is the paint quality. Quality is too much a matter for shoes. Some people buy low-quality paint and save their money. But when they apply those paint, it cracks fast and damages their shoes. So choose quality paint because it gives a long time to your shoes and makes them look good. 

Paint Brand: 

Some brands are not manufacturing good paint. For shoe painting, you need to choose a high-level brand of paint. Bad brands paint is not good for shoes. It does not repair your shoes and also paints cracks fast. But big brand paints are quality paints. Do not save your money if you want good paint for your shoes. 

Size of the Paint:

Size is the third thing you have to see when buying paint. Some people choose small paint for their sneakers. When they paint sneakers, they paint will-less, so they do not paint their shoes. Choose the big bottle of paint. 


When buying also see the Price of the paints. Some paints price is very high, but the quality is not good. You also see your budget when buying paint. You can choose paint from this article. Here I also list low price paint. But at the end of the article, I ask you to choose the quality paint for your shoes


We hope the best paint for sneakers content was wonderful and it helped you a lot. To buy a paint for shoe or sneaker, check its quality, brand, popularity, positive reviews, and which surface it is work great. Enjoy your day, we’ll see you with another paint content. Goodbye!

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