Best Paint for Shower Ceiling 7 Options to Choose

Are you looking for paint for the large or small shower ceiling? Choosing a shower ceiling paint is tricky because kitchen and shower ceiling paint isn’t the same. You’ll need moisture paint that will effectively work for the shower ceiling. This article is for you if you are especially browsing for the best color for shower ceiling paint. Here you’ll find the most popular and long-lasting shower ceiling paint out of a hundred on the market.

Shower ceiling paint is the protection of the ceiling, and at the same time, it prevents mold and mildew. Here in this article, we’ve gathered the 8 best paint for you to paint your shower ceiling. This paint will provide you resist moisture and its aftereffects. You’re welcome to check out all the different types of shower ceiling paint. And let’s enjoy our 8 best paint list to have yourself stress less mind.

Our paint research team selected only the 8 best stormy shower ceiling paint out of the hundred. They chose those paint depending on quality, usability, long-lasting, color matching feature, user feedback, and budget-friendly feature. So let’s hit the main article without spending time in the introduction.

Can You Paint a Shower Ceiling?

Of course, you defiantly paint the shower ceiling without any confusion. But before selecting a paint, you must keep some factors in mind. For the shower ceiling, you need moisture semi-gloss paint to protect the ceiling from water spots. It will also resist ceiling from mold and mildew at the same time.

What Paint to Use on The Shower Ceiling?

To know which paint is safe and effective for shower ceiling, you may choose the protection. There is more paint to use on the shower, but all of are not provide absolute security. Most painters and users recommend semi-gloss paint to use on the shower ceiling. There are more semi-gloss brands and colors you can choose from there. Here we recommend 3 paint that is best for the ceiling.

Top 7 Best paint for Shower Ceiling Reviews In 2022

Paint Name    Finish type       BrandLatest price
INSL-X Color-Changing Paint        Flat       INSL-XCheck on Amazon
RTG Shower & Tub Refinishing Paint        Stain RTGCheck on Amazon
INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Paint Flat        INSL-XCheck on Amazon
RUST-OLEUM 02754 White Paint Semi-Gloss RUST-OLEUMCheck on Amazon
Benjamin Moore PaintFlat Benjamin MooreCheck on Amazon
Microblend Interior PaintSemi-Gloss MicroblendCheck on Amazon
Prestige PaintsSemi-Gloss  PrestigeCheck on Amazon

1. INSL-X Color-Changing Shower Ceiling Paint

INSL-X Color-Changing Shower Ceiling Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Shower ceiling problems are coming day By day because of Low-quality paints. The paint cracks or peels fast and never takes a long-lasting time. So it would help if you repainted your shower ceiling. We can save money and time by finding the most extraordinary paint for your job. INSL-X Color-Changing paint is the best one to use for tops. The paint has high resistance and provides a long-lasting finish. You will be happy with the results when applied to the surface.

The paint is white, which you can apply on the roof, floors and other places for good looking. It provides a flat finish to the surface after finishing a painting. The paint has liquid foam so you can apply it with a brush or roller. You can also get a brush or roller with paint. The Stir Stick and Can Opener components are also available with paint. Acrylic paint will cover almost ‎400 – 450 square feet per gallon. This paint is also called best coverage paint. 

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Further detail, you can apply the paint for interior and exterior places. It also works for bathrooms, kitchens, walls, and extensive building paintings. This paint is best for metal, cement, plastic, and aluminum surfaces. If needed paint for the stairs, you can also apply this one. 

Why Do You Have to Buy This Paint?

The best thing to see in this paint is high-quality results. It is used on all surfaces and provides a flat finish. The dry time is significantly less, so it also saves time. You can apply for two coats. For repairing painting on walls, doors, and other things, you can use this paint. It is easy to clean and wash with soap. We also find its best features, so read the full review. 


  • Deliver with good packing
  • Washable paint
  • Clean with soap
  • Free chemical and Non-toxic


  • It does not cover worth a hoot

2. RTG Shower & Tub Refinishing Paint

RTG Shower & Tub Refinishing Paint

Check Price on Amazon

After no repainting the surface or ceiling, old paint gets dull or rough. It cracks and peels with water, sand, and other toxic things. So you have only one solution to repaint the surface or ceiling. We search and find another perfect paint for your updating ceilings. RTG Shower paint is only used for repainting and coating. People also recommend this paint for shower tubs. The paint has 100% good results and never cracks for a long time. It serves almost 10 years on the surface and provides new looks.

The paint has many colors like white, green, and cream so that you can pick any color for our duty. Moreover, it has a 262 rating in the market, making it better than other refining paints. You will get the paint in the can. There are three finish types in this paint. You can pick any acrylic, water-based, or enamel type for your surface. The new painters can also use the paint to learn painting. It is a specific use for interior places.

Furthermore, the paint works on ceramic, Porcelain, plastic, and other surfaces. Also, the paint can use for offices, long buildings, and home ceilings. It is the perfect use for wall repairing. We also recommend this paint for indoor and outdoor painting such as walk sides and sports. Read more, paint for kitchen ceiling.

Reason to Buy This Paint

The use of paint for many purposes for ceilings because it has almost better results. The brand tests this point on furniture to see the result on wood surfaces. You can complete your painting in one hour if you use this paint. It covers a good area for painting. The brand gives you using instructions while shipping home. 


  • Awesome for repairing surface
  • Durable and Washable
  • Not slippery after drying
  • Made with good material


  • The size of the paint looks small for extensive coverage.

3. INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Stix Acrylic Primer

INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Stix Acrylic Primer

Check Price on Amazon

INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Primer is our third pick for shower ceiling and other painting issues. This gloss paint is for water bonding cause and preventing the surface from wet things. The paint is made by USA brand and quality of the paint is good in the market. You will cover all surfaces while using this paint. Almost 100 out of 150 people positively review this paint for its quality. If you have a water issue that other paint cracks with water, apply this paint and see results.

The acrylic type of paint gives excellent protection from water and rust. You can purchase paint in many colors which you like the most. It comes in 6 colors and a big size can. The volume of the can is 0.25 inches. It will cover 75- 100 square feet and dry in 3 hours. A can opener provides you with the paint, so do not worry about it.

Now come on using surfaces; the paint is perfect for glossy tile, PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, glazed block, glossy paint, pre-coated siding, fiberglass, and galvanized metals surface. It is also ideal for drywall, plaster, ceiling, acoustical tile, wood trim and doors, Formica, ceramic tiles, glossy surfaces, PVC plastic, masonry walls, wood, trim, shutters, masonry, stucco, concrete, cement block, galvanized metal, aluminum, and other challenging surfaces.

Why Should You Buy This Paint?

The primer has high coverage and is dry in less time. Most surfaces are able for this paint to use. You can apply this paint at a shallow temperature to any surface. It provides a hard cure after drying. Moreover, the brand will ship at free cost.


  • Great for water prevention
  • Easy to apply
  • Low odor and durable
  • The excellent rating of other paints


  • Works well, But coverage is not good though

4. RUST-OLEUM 02754 White Perma Interior Paint

RUST-OLEUM 02754 White Perma Interior Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Interior places have many problems with painting. The big problem is Durable and good finish paint. Paints have no acceptable results available in the market, but we take an excellent paint for your interior buildings, offices and other places. RUST-OLEUM 02754 Paint is only used for interior surfaces. The paint has made of high-quality material, which is long-lasting. The surface looks new and gorgeous after the paint dries. Additionally, this paint is the perfect pick for you if you want to recover the interior surface for a new look.

The paint is only available in white, but you can mix it with other colors. This acrylic paint provides a semi-gloss finish to the interior. It is hard to paint walls and give prominent coverage to the place. It is made with water-based material, which turns it into liquid foam. Moreover, it comes with a 5-liter can, so it contains a lot of paint. You can not have to buy another painting component like a can opener or primer because It contains all these components.

In addition, The paint is used on many surfaces, depending on which surface you want to paint. This washable paint is Ideal for painting interior walls and large spaces such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other places. Its low-order formula gives a good painting on showers and walls. You can also use it outdoor and indoors.

Some Extra Features of This Paint

The main feature of the paint is its usage for many surfaces. Otherwise, it dries in 30 minutes and is easy to wash. It will never crack or peel at a high temperature. The paint protects the interior surfaces from water and other issues. You do not need the roller to apply paint. It is easily applied with a brush. You can cover 75-90 square areas for any place painting. Related: best paint for kitchen backsplash


  • Contain can opener and primer
  • low odor and very durable
  • Perfect for Bathroom Ceiling
  • 5-star rating


  • You will confuse about its size

5. Benjamin Moore Moresco Ceiling Paint

Benjamin Moore Muresco Ceiling Paint

Check Price on Amazon

The Benjamin Ceiling Paint is a top-quality paint perfect for shower ceilings and other works. This paint has a high-gloss finish that will resist mildew and mold growth on the surface. The paint is an excellent choice for humid environments. The Moresco Paint is also highly resistant to staining, so you won’t have to worry about water spots ruining your ceilings. When applied correctly, this paint will leave a beautiful, smooth surface lasting for years.

The paint is acrylic, so we do not think it is water-based. The paint comes in 1 gallon, which covers 450 Square feet area. Its size is about `128 Fl Zo. The brush, roller, and sprayer are also provided with the paint when purchased. Its remarkable feature is drying time. The paint dries to touch in 1 hour and recoat in 2 hours. Anyway, you can use it for drywalls, tiles, and ceilings. It is also ideal for indoor usage. The paint will work perfectly on metal, plastic, wood, and cement surfaces.

Why Do You Buy It?

Moresco Paint is excellent paint for different types of ceilings. It has a high-gloss finish which resists mildew growth. The paint is highly resistant to staining and protects from wet things. It Provides a beautiful uniform flat finish to all surfaces. This paint Resists spattering when applied with a roller.


  • Only use for ceiling
  • Well packed
  • Reasonable price for quality paint
  • Nice touch
  • Dry in an hour


  • Not used for beginners or adults

6. Micro blend Interior Paint and Primer

Microblend Interior Paint and Primer

Check Price on Amazon

Micro blend Paint is Another interior paint used for any interior work. This is low order, Quality, High Hide, Low VOC, and Washable paint. The Brand Micro blend is famous for making different types of paints for ceilings. It provides you luxury finish and covers all your painting requirements. The paint is a Stain blocker and rust inhibitor, so keep your walls, trim, and ceiling looking fresh. When buying, you can see its many features and try it for your work.

Moreover, The Exterior formulas paint feature is used for additional UV protection. It is available in 300+ colors, so choose any for your surface. You can pick this paint in 1, 3, and 5 gallons if your surface has a large area. The brand will ship paint in good packing. Its weight is high, but you can put paint in a bowl and use it anywhere. Water-based material is used for making this paint. 

This paint is used for many painting purposes. Its mainly used on ceilings, walls, trim, and door painting. Applying a sprayer on door painting will give too many excellent results. Further, you can design different shades on surfaces because of the many colors. 

What Thing Do You Need to Buy This Paint?

The water-based paint is designed for ceilings, trim, window frames, drywall, and previously metal. It dries hard and resists stains. The paint is washable and scrubbable, which is excellent for more surfaces. Micro blend paint can be sprayed, rolled, and brushed. It is the only on-demand paint manufacturer in the world, So you’re guaranteed to get precisely the color you want when you need it.


  • High performance on many surfaces
  • Come in 300+ colors
  • Mostly used for walls
  • Luxury finish


  • Do not know about its drying time

 7. Prestige Paints Interior Paint

Prestige Paints Interior Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Our last recommendation for any ceiling painting is Prestige Interior Paints. This paint is only manufactured for ceiling purposes. It provides many different finishes to surfaces. The finish type of paint depends on the surface. The paint color has been used for different designs, made of industry-leading technology. The paint contains a primer, which helps in painting for good results.

Besides, the 100% acrylic paint is easy to clean with soap and water. It contains many colors for your different choice for painting. The size of the paint gallon is 5L, so that you can cover a big area. Furthermore, it is ideal for living rooms, media rooms, and many other places. If using paint on metal surface but use with primer for rust protection. You can apply paint to the kitchen ceiling and floor. This painting has many purposes; if you want to know, go to Amazon through the link.

Highlight key Features of This Paint

You will like this paint because of its many colors. The primary purpose of the paint is to recover ceiling painting. You can apply it to all surfaces that you need. The color will never peel after drying. Otherwise, you can paint at a high temperature. Amazon delivers this paint with good sealing and packing.


  • Great coverage
  • Low price and save your time
  • Good rating and performance
  • 100% acrylic paint


  • Maybe color will disappear from your heart

How To Paint Ceiling Above Shower?

Painting a shower ceiling isn’t such an easy job because of its area. Usually, a shower ceiling is small, and its space is small. That’s why it’s pretty tricky to paint. But here in this painting section, we share with you some easy and fast steps to paint yourself easily. Hope you like this painting method and follow these steps.

Gather Some Tools And Materials

  1. Paintbrush
  2. Ceiling paint
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Long paint roller
  5. Duster for cleaning ceiling
  6. Primer

Step 1: Prepare The Ceiling.

Remove all the lights and other removable items from the shower ceiling. It is safe before cleaning or painting the ceiling. Take a long old cloth or paper on the floor to protect the floor from dust and paint drops.

Step 2: Clean The Ceiling

Scrap off any dirt and dust which remain on the ceiling. Take sandpaper and scrap all the ceiling surfaces to make them smooth. If you want to repaint, then remove all remaining paints. If there is any hole, you must close it with pudding to make the same label. Then clean all the ceiling surfaces with a duster or soft cloth.

Step 3: Wash The Ceiling

If you discover any stains or hard dirt after dusting the ceiling, you must wash it. Washing the ceiling is suitable for removing badly stained due to mold or smoke dirt. So start to clean the ceiling with a roller brush. Leave the top until it completely dries out.

Step 4: Paint Shower Ceiling

Some of the paint need primer to mix with paint, but others don’t need it. So, if your color deserves a primer, you may add primer as recommended. Pour paint on a paint tray and apply the paint on all the corners and around the lights and fans area.

However, you must apply the paint over the ceiling with a longer paint roller. Do this slowly-slowly one side to another side. Do the first coat like this and give it time to dry appropriately when complete. Apply a second coat after drying the first coat. If you want a lighter color, then 2nd coat is enough for you. Or, if you wish for a darker color, you can add more coats until you find the dark color you want.

Some Things to Consider Before Buying a Paint (Buying guide)

We’ve included a buyer guide to help you choose a better paint for you. In this buying guide section, you’ll find some choosing scales that will identify the color you want to purchase. To pick the best paint, you must consider its quality, usability, price, longevity, and more. Let’s hit into the buying guide.


Paint quality is most important when buying paint for your shower ceiling. Quality paint will provide a smooth and shiny surface with a long-lasting feature. If you want to paint your shower ceiling and deserve long-lasting protection, you must buy quality paint. A low-quality paint will start to peel out after a year.

Mold & Mildew Resistant Paint:

Shower paint and other room paint aren’t the same because of their using deference. We use water, soap, washing powder, and detergents in the shower. So, there are many chances to be discolored, fade out, stained, peeling out color, and more. It would be best to choose moisture-resistant, mold, and mildew-resistant paint to prevent these things. This paint will protect the ceiling color from all those problems.

Washable Paint:

The exciting thing is you also need washable paint for the best results. You’ll enjoy lots of features with washable paint. For example, when you wash into the shower and accidentally water and soap stain goes to the ceiling. If your ceiling paint is not washable, that dirty place can’t be clean. But for washable paint, it is straightforward.


Another great thing to consider is price. Price can change the value of a product at the buying time. Buy a paint that is worth the price. It will stay on the ceiling for a few days if you buy low-priced coloring. The price range of shower ceiling paint is from $10 to $20. Under $20, the product is medium and low-grade color. But you’ll get high-quality paint if you spend $20 to $60.

FAQs of Best shower ceiling paint

What Type of Paint to Use for the Shower Ceiling?

When you think about choosing paint for the shower ceiling, you may choose paint that can resist mold and mildew. There are many types of paint, but all the paints do not go with the shower ceiling for longer and are best looking. To get the best results, you can pick a semi-gloss or satin finish paint for painting the ceiling.

Do I Need to Waterproof the Shower Ceiling?

As we commonly know, water can damage shower walls paint and make it look dirty after several years. But when it comes to shower ceiling, it is not necessary to make your ceiling waterproof. Because the other things of ceilings are not waterproof themselves on the ceiling, so you can use waterproof paint on the ceiling, but it is not must have necessary.

How to Fix Peeling Paint on Shower Ceilings?

Peeling off the ceiling is common, and many people are into this problem. But we can fix any peeling off ceilings in just some minutes. So if you’re in this problem, don’t get over strass. Just follow some tricks and tips to come out of this problem.

  • First, use safety goggles and dust musk before we start work.
  • Take off all the peeling paint with a scraper and clean the ceiling with a duster.
  • Now you need to patch the peeling area of your ceiling with a patching compound.
  • Dry the putty for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Apply a second coat and dry again.
  • Now, you can sand dried putty with sandpaper and clean it with a duster.

Why Is Shower Ceiling Paint Peeling?

There can be several causes for peeling off the ceiling paint. But if we know about those problems, it will be better for us. Let’s see some causes of peeling ceiling paint.

  • Ceiling surface not properly clean while painting ceiling
  • When you paint your ceiling, it is wet
  • The paint quality isn’t good that you use on the ceiling
  • The Applied paint didn’t dry well


Shower ceiling painting is a great thing that we all do. That is why we come with the best paint for the shower ceiling to help you with the best products. Our best paint list will provide you with the best product you expect for your ceiling. Also, our painting guide and painting FAQs will guide you for better painting performance. We hope you’re all happy with our best product and painting information. Have a great day, and share your painting experience with us by commenting below.

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