Best Paint for Plastic Garbage Cans

Hello, how are you doing today? I hope you are all fines. I’m John Smith, and I’ve come up with a new topic for discussion today. I’m going to tell you about the best paint for plastic garbage cans today. 

There are many things in our home that we would like to paint, and they contribute to the overall beauty of our home. Since they hold an excessive amount of rubbish, garbage cans are ideal for the home kitchen. 

Garbage cans are available in a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and other materials. Plastic is the perfect material for the kitchen, and when you paint it, it makes your kitchen look beautiful. Plastic items are helpful and have a long shelf life. These aren’t any heavier than a piece of metal. 

Choosing the best paint for plastic garbage cans or the best spray paint for plastic garbage cans that will make them attractive is the first step. Acrylic paint for plastic is also suitable for use in plastic containers. You have the option to select it as well.

I’ll post my top picks for the Best paint for trash cans that you can view and purchase. You’ve read our buying guide, and I hope it has been of assistance in your decision to buy Spray paint for plastic bin.

Top 7 Best Paint for Plastic Cans Reviews

Paint Name Brand Paint type Latest Price
1. Krylon K02732007 Fusion Paint for plastic garbage cans  KrylonMatteBuy on Amazon
2. Rust-Oleum 249114 Ultra Cover Paint for plastic garbage cans  Rust-OleumOilBuy on Amazon
3. VHT Duplicolor ESP820007  VHTEnamelBuy on Amazon
4. Rust-Oleum Gray Spray Paint Rust-OleumOilBuy on Amazon
5. Rust Oleum Black Rust Bumper Spray Paint    Rust-OleumMetalBuy on Amazon
6. Rust-Oleum plastic spray paint    Rust-OleumOil  Buy on Amazon
7. Rust-Oleum stops rust brush on paint  Rust-OleumOil, EnamelBuy on Amazon

I’ll tell you everything about the features of our products and everything else in this section. Painting requires the use of the best paint available, which must choose carefully.

We also have a list of Spray paint for plastic surfaces, which you can view by clicking this link. However, I advise you to choose the color you find the most appealing from the ones I’ve included in this collection.

1. Best All-In-One: Krylon K02732007 Fusion Spray Paint for plastic garbage cans

Best All-In-One Krylon K02732007 Fusion Spray Paint for plastic garbage cans

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Krylon is the best brand and a great combination with plastic. They give the best service to protect the plastic. This is our top rank item, and it offers many benefits like other materials like PVC and different attach fast with this paint. Krylon K02732007 is a Chrome paint for plastic great for plastic cans and other items because other colors do not make it similar to plastic.

Krylon black spray paint has the finest bonding, durability, and corrosion resistance of any spray paint in its class. Plastic, lumber, iron, PVC, and brick are just a few of the materials that this all-purpose spray paint adheres to without the need for sanding or drying first. If your project or work is to paint outside, this paint provides you maximum rust protection. 

This black matte paint offers a modern finish to your work. Black should always be on hand for DIY equipment and toolkits because it never goes out of style. 

You do not need any brushes and waste your money. This paint covers many areas like 25 feet easily. I hope you like this paint and buy it for your plastic garbage can.

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  • Simple tip with a spray
  • Great for plastic use
  • You can use it on many surfaces like plastic, metal, etc
  • Weather resistance and protection from rust
  • Only take 20 minutes to dry


  • Not used for a double coat

Key Features:

  • You can use this paint for metal furniture
  • This black spray paint takes only 20 minutes to dry and has excellent wheater resistance.
  • It has an easy push-button to paint quickly. 
  • Suitable to use on all surfaces

2. Best gloss paint: Rust-Oleum 249114 Ultra Cover Paint for plastic garbage cans

Best gloss paint Rust-Oleum 249114 Ultra Cover Paint for plastic garbage cans

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The second product in our article is Rust-Oleum 249114 Painters. It gives the best service to protect the plastic. 2X Company makes this paint. It has more than 20 shades, and 12-oz is available. The best feature of this paint is to protect things from rust.

These things are metals and wood etc. you can use this paint for interior or exterior surfaces like wood, plastic, metal, etc. Rust-Oleum 249114 Painter’s is an Oil-based solution with a low smell, repels chipping, and gives lengthy protection. This is best for quick drying because it takes only 15 minutes to dry.

 This paint can save you time, and its price is also low. So if you are looking for quickly drying paint, then this is great for you. It is a long-lasting product that applies smoothly and provides excellent concealment. The glosses finish of the paint gives a new look to the surface and makes it beautiful for us. 

You work with this color if you want to make the character a smooth and glossy finish. I hope you like this paint for its low price and prominent feature.

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  • Oil-based formula provides long-lasting protection
  • It has a comfortable spry tip
  • A long-lasting composition that applies smoothly and offers proper concealment.
  • The price is too low, so you buy easily.
  • Surfaces with a glossy finish have a brand-new appearance.


  • Not use on any surfaces

Key Features:

  • Only 20 minutes have required for drying and perfect finishing.
  • Shade has concealed with a long-lasting composition.
  • Spray paint may be used on any surface and has a long shelf life.
  • On plastic bins, you can use spray paint to decorate them.

3. Best Paint for Plastic: VHT Duplicolor ESP820007

Best Paint for Plastic VHT Duplicolor ESP820007

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VHT Duplicolor ESP820007 paint is great for plastic painting. If you are looking for plastic paint for garbage cans, then this is good for you. The color of this paint is black, and most people like this color for painting. VHT Duplicolor ESP820007 paint withstands temperature up to 200 f, so it dries fast and saves your time too. 

You can use it for interior or exterior plastic. The size of the bottle is big, so much paint it keeps. If you’re using enamel, acrylic, or synthetic lacquer, VHT paint is a great base coat to use. You can use it for a double coat because it dries fast. 

It is a multipurpose product, and you can use it on any surface for painting. It is ideal for home, industry, and marine use. The price of this paint is low, so small budget users can also buy this paint. If your project or work is to paint outside, this paint provides you maximum rust protection. I hope you like this paint and buy it for your plastic items. 

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  • This is a multipurpose solution that may use on various materials.
  • It is suitable for automobile, maritime, aviation, residential, agricultural, and manufacturing sectors.
  • It can withstand temperatures of up to 200°F.
  • Plastics for the inside or outside


  • Only black

Key Features:

  • Only plastic and metal surfaces should paint with black spray paint.
  • You can apply this to plastic things that are either inside or outside the house.
  • Give protection against rust and a smooth finish for gears
  • Metal spray paint dries in less than 20 minutes, allowing you to save valuable time.

4. Best craftsman spray paint: Rust-Oleum Gray Spray Paint

Best craftsman spray paint Rust-Oleum Gray Spray Paint 

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Rust-Oleum 353091-6PK Universal Spray Paint is a great paint for any surface. If you are looking for more surface paint, then this paint is good for you. You can use this paint on any surface like wood, concrete, metal, etc. this paint has been made for all surfaces of the toolbox or plastic garbage cans.

The oil-based formula with good adhesion protects garbage cans from rust. It has available in many colors. You can buy it in any color that you like the most. The big feature of this paint It takes only 30 min to dry. Paint covers a 15 sq ft area for painting.

This paint can save you time, and its price is also low. So if you are looking for quickly drying paint, then this is great for you. It is a long-lasting product that applies smoothly and provides excellent concealment. When you apply on toolbox, it provides an attractive and rich look surface.

 It is perfect for replicating the luxury look seen on furniture and home decor. This spray can use upside down. It has high performance in the market. I hope you like it for its great features.


  • The oil-based solution prevents rust, fades, and chips for a long shine.
  • The aqueous formula dries in 30 mins and covers up to 15 sq ft.
  • Inhibits cracking for long-lasting
  • It gives surfaces a beautiful, rich glossy touch.


  • Not used for outside

Key Features:

  • Save time with this quick-drying product.
  • Plastic is protected from rust by oil-based paint.
  • give trash cans with a pleasing visual appearance
  • cover the entire surface area of the plastic cans

5. Spray paint for plastic bin: Rust-Oleum Black Rust Bumper Spray Paint

Spray paint for plastic bin Rust-Oleum Black Rust Bumper Spray Paint

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Rust-Oleum 25157411 bumper spray paint contains a stop rust formula to prevent rust from plastic surfaces. This paint treats corrosion to extend plastic covers life from fading and chipping.

The BlackRust paint quickly dries in 20 minutes. Also, it covers between 10 to 15 square feet per can of paint. It lasts longer as well as is resistant to weather and wear. It has a comfortable spray nozzle for easy spray at any angle.

This item can easily renew your discolored plastic or metal surfaces within 20 minutes. The Rust-Oleum 25157411 paint protects any rust and faded surfaces.

However, this paint is suitable for renewing plastic material, moldings, metal trim, bumpers, rub strips, and rearview mirror covers. They are multipurpose paint so that you can use them on many surfaces to renew them.


  • Ideal for bumper, metal, plastic, rub strips, and more.
  • It has a stop rust formula to prevent and treat corrosion. 
  • Dries it for 20 minutes and covers 15 square feet per can.
  • It creates a matte finish shine
  • Comes with a comfort tip nozzle for instant spray.


  • It comes in only black color.

Key Features:

  • OEM color-matched
  • Fast dry in 20 minutes. 
  • Stop rust formulated technology 
  • Any angle spray technology 
  • Comfort tip spray nozzle

6. Best spray paint for plastic UK: Rust-Oleum plastic spray paint

Best spray paint for plastic UK Rust-Oleum plastic spray paint

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Do you look for the paint which is perfect for indoor and outdoor plastic goods? Is your search for a pigment best for PVC, fiberglass, resin, and vinyl plastic? If so, you’re reading the correct product that is perfect for any plastic.

The rust Oleum plastic spray paint is ideal for indoor and outdoor plastic goods or furniture. You can use this paint on resin, PVC, fiberglass, polystyrene, polypropylene, vinyl plastic.

The plastic paint comes with an oil-based formula that allows applying directly to plastic with no primer needed. Another feature is, it dries significantly faster in 20 minutes. This 12 Oz white color paint can cover 10 square feet.


  • Professional plastic spray paint for any plastic furniture or plastic tool.
  • Long-lasting and durable spray paint promote excellent adhesion. 
  • It provides beautiful color retention and a soft gloss finish. 
  • One of the multipurpose paint for any plastic. 
  • You can directly spray it on plastic.


  • It doesn’t have many colors

Key Features:

  • Easily restore and renew any plastic products 
  • One of the durable paint that lasts longer 
  • It doesn’t need to mix with any primer.
  • It provides gloss and a shiny surface as a result. 
  • Perfect for repainting any plastic goods.

7. Metal spray paint: Rust-Oleum stops rust brush on paint

Metal spray paint Rust-Oleum stops rust brush on paint

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Rust-Oleum stop rust paint has usually used to paint with a paintbrush. This model comes with semi-gloss white-colored and features rust-resistant. It is suitable for wood, plastic, metal, masonry, concrete, and more surfaces.

It is weather and corrosion-resistant, so it lasts longer. Suitable for using indoor and outdoor too. It has oil-based technology, which protects against any rust. So you can use it as a rust prevention coating. The premium quality rust Oleum 7797502 dries to the touch in 2 to 4 hours.

This 32 fluid Oz paint covers up to 100 square feet, suitable for completing your project. Also, you’ll allow using it as a fade or chip-resistant color.


  • It protects outdoor and indoor surfaces where you apply it. 
  • Oil-based formulas provide durable protection. 
  • Dries to the touch in 2 to 4 hours. 
  • A semi-gloss finish provides a subtle shine on a surface.
  • Provides superior coverage and superior durability.


  • Not recommended to use the foam brush. So you’ve to avoid a foam brush and use a regular brush.

Key Features:

  • Rust preventative formula 
  • Perfect for outdoor use and beautiful color
  • It is durable, corrosion, and protective-resistant. 
  • Longer lasting protection 
  • 5. Stop rust protective enamel provides beauty in a wide variety of colors.

Things are considered when are you buying the Best paint for plastic garbage cans

When you go to the market to get the best paint for plastic, you may become confused about which color is ideal for you. When purchasing Waterproof spray paint for plastic for your plastic products or objects, there are numerous factors to consider. Paint is best for plastic and other non-metal things.

It prevents corrosion and gives goods a glossy gloss. Here I will tell you some crucial points to keep in mind when you shop for the best paint for you. I hope you enjoy this article and take the time to study it thoroughly before purchasing Acrylic paint for plastic.

The paint design:

When purchasing plastic paint, this is the first issue that must consider. When painting objects, the design of the color is vital. It saves you time and improves the appearance of your items. So, when you go to the paint store, keep this in mind.

Paint material: 

Many spray paints for plastic are available on the market, but their materials are poor, so choose the paint and check its quality before purchasing. I hope you remember this line.

Size of paint:

Size is vital if you want to paint a lot of different things. Rustoleum spray paint for plastic comes in a variety of sizes. When you need a large amount of paint, you can use this company’s paint.

Rust resistance: 

Regarding selecting the best paint for a trash bag, rust resistance is the most crucial attribute to look for, and it is also the one that most people consider. Rust is a big concern for metal since it degrades the substance; however, paint can solve it.

As a result, use the best paint for rust protection. I hope this advice has assisted you in selecting the right paint for your needs.

FAQ’s of Plastic Paint

What paint can I use on plastic?

Standard exterior gloss paint can provide a fine finish for plastic materials with a good primer and undercoat. Acrylic or oil-based glosses are both acceptable options, and both are available in a wide variety of colors.

Is latex paint good for plastic?

A spray can of latex paint that has particularly prepared for plastic is the quickest and most convenient way to transform your old plastic goods into gleaming new ones. It is possible to paint over an oil-based paint when using latex paint on plastic, but you cannot paint over latex when using oil-based paint. This is a distinct advantage of latex paint on plastic.

Can you use Rustoleum oil-based paint on plastic?

Among the many surfaces that Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover may use on, plastic is one of the most highly regarded of them all. An oil-based recipe has design to resist chipping and cling to various surfaces, including plastic, wood, and plaster.

Is acrylic paint good for plastic?

Acrylic paint can use on virtually any sort of plastic. You must, however, choose the most appropriate paint for your particular project. Depending on the surface, you may need to adequately prepare and seal the paint, which is usually accomplished by sanding and priming plastic before applying the paint.

Final words:

After the essay, we discussed the best paint for plastic cans and bags on the market. I hope you give the time to read through the entire instruction and product review. You have the option to select one of the best paint colors that you like the most. We have included all of the low-priced products, so please feel free to shop. Thank you for getting in touch with us.

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