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Many users and painters recommend painting kitchen tile backsplash. When you paint backsplash tile, it looks beautiful and shiny. But all the paint doesn’t work as well or doesn’t last long. That’s why we bring the best paint for kitchen backsplash to make your kitchen attractive. You’ll find your kitchen’s best tile backsplash paint in this context.

Our research team chose 8 paints for the kitchen tile backsplash for three weeks. Well, they choose these paints out of hundred paints on the market. They select those paints based on their quality, usability, safety, longevity, user recommendations, Amazon ratings, and other important things.

So, you don’t have to stress choosing backsplash paints out of thousands of products from the online or offline market. Some paints are perfect for tile backsplash, and they are specially made for it. If you are searching a paint for backsplash, then this post is for you. We’ll help find the best product and paint tips with random information.

Can You Paint the kitchen Backsplash Tile?

Yes, it’s recommended to paint your kitchen backsplash to look the kitchen as beautiful as its shiny look. You can change the backsplash tile surface color by painting. You can make solid tile or wood tile look by painting backsplash.

What Is The Best Paint for a kitchen Backsplash?

There are many paints available in the market for backsplash tile painting. But what paint is best for a backsplash? For the backsplash, you need paint that is waterproof, washable, has solid painting ability, has stronger curing ability, last longer, and has an excellent shiny finish. So, you can select a painting with these features for better painting. Here we recommend some paint bands or types of paint that are perfect for backsplash.

  • Enamel paint
  • Gloss interior paint
  • Semi-gloss paint
  • Waterproof tile paint
  • Washable floor paint

What Color Is Best for a Kitchen Backsplash?

Color is an important thing in upgrading the backsplash. Selecting a color depends on many things like wall color, ceiling color, furniture color, countertop color, and more. If you upgrade your backsplash by painting, you must choose the best paint. Then, you can choose a color that matches your kitchen. Because if you paint your backsplash by matching with kitchen color, it will be a very attractive and professional look. In the list below, we suggest some popular backsplash colors that are perfect for backsplash. You can choose and give it a try from these colors.

  • White
  • Multicolored
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Blue

6 Best kitchen backsplash Paints Reviews of 2022

Paint NamePaint TypeBrand Latest Price
Best for backsplash: INSL-X SXA11009A-04 PaintAcrylicINSL-XCheck Price on Amazon
Best for interior: Montage Signature PaintArchitectural Water BaseMontage SignatureCheck Price on Amazon
Best for indoor: Giani Brick PaintAcrylicGiani  Check Price on Amazon
Best for tile: Majic PAINTSEnamel  MajicCheck Price on Amazon
Best for Budget: CalFlor FL49102 Repair kitAcrylicCalFlorCheck Price on Amazon
Best for Kitchen: Prestige Interior PaintWater basedPrestigeCheck Price on Amazon

1. INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Stix Acrylic Paint

INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Stix Acrylic Paint

Check Price on Amazon

The backsplash is the back area of the stove and cooker. It is damaged time by time with smooth or fire when you cook in the kitchen. So the only solution is to repair it with excellent and durable paint. Here we pick the latest paint for repairing or new painting of your stove backsplash. The INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Stix is an acrylic bonding primer with excellent adhesion to the most challenging surfaces. The water-based primer is 100% acrylic latex, and its durability provides outstanding results in any area. For interior and exterior fields, this paint is a great choice. On Some surfaces, you need a hard coat, so do not worry; it will provide Double coats, which are long-lasting.

Moreover, the paint is made by high-quality brands located in the USA. The color of the paint is available in white and some other colors. It provides a flat finish to any surface like cement, stone, etc. the size of the can is big, like a gallon containing lots of paint for covering. It will cover almost 70 – 100 sq area of kitchen painting. The weight of the paint is ‎2.76 pounds, so easy to take any place.

It is perfect to use for many surfaces and places. Mostly you can use the paint on Drywalls, woods trim, doors, Mansory walls, all kitchen areas, shutters, and more. Furthermore, it will work on PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, fiberglass, and galvanized metals if you come to surfaces. The ideal paint is also used for interior and exterior repair.

Why You Buy This Paint

The paint has many things which make it best to buy for the kitchen or other projects. INSL-X SXA11009A-04 paint is used on a variety of surfaces. It dries in less time ( almost takes 1 hour). You can paint any place at low temperature and fully cure at 37C. Anyway, the coverage of the paint is fantastic. It is easy to clean with soap and water. Suppose you like a smooth finish, then easy to paint with a brush or roller. At last, the paint has a low price, so easy to buy within your budget.


  • Used on a variety of surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion and durability
  • Low VOC and low odor
  • 100% acrylic and water-based


  • It has a powerful smell, so be careful

2. Montage Signature Paint

Montage Signature Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Some people like designing kitchens or want to decorate their kitchen areas with different colors. Making your kitchen look gorgeous is a good idea, but you need more money for many colors. After market research, we find different colors of paint for your painting. Montage Signature is almost a big pick for those who like to design their places. The paint contains different colors, which is known as colorful paint. It is a big brand of paint that has excellent results and coverage. Besides, you can take a guarantee when buying the paint. 

The paint is available in 18+ colors, so pick any for the project. Mostly buying color of the paint is Twilight which looks like brown. You can purchase the paint in gallon form, so it covers most fields. Moreover, adults can use paint to learn different surface painting. It will mostly cover a 300 sq ft area by 1 gallon. You will get many components with paint, like an opener, primer, etc. 

Now come to the uses of the paint, it is ideal for interior and exterior places. Further, you can apply or buy it for large buildings, small residential spaces, kitchen things, and other uses. It performs well on smooth surfaces like plastic, metal, cement, etc. 

Some Extra Features To Buy This Paint

Montage paint has many features to like; it has ten years of warranty. Its improved sealing technology can solve cleaning and protect all water issues in the kitchen. If you daily wash the surface never crack or peel fast. The best thing is color updating so that you can repair your surfaces, office, home, and furniture with any color. We hope you will enjoy this paint while using it.


  • Apply for large areas
  • Available in many colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Super coverage and protection
  • Easy to use


  • Its Smell is horrible

3. Giani Brick Transformations Paint

Giani Brick Transformations Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Sometimes you like white painting in the kitchen but do not select any white paint due to durability and good results. Hundred of paints are on the market, but we prefer Giani Brick white paint for the backsplash. The paint has better results when applied to any surface. You can easily paint the backsplash because it contains a paint kit. Paint will cover all your needs if you for decorations. Also, it contains a color kit with many colors, but people primarily select white for their looks. It is also safe for your hands while painting.

The paint consists of different components which help in painting. You will see acrylic type after applying. Acrylic is the best finish for any surface and looks incredible after drying. The paint will cover a 100 sq meter area. It is made with acrylic-based material and manufactured in the USA. If you want more coverage, then add a 1:2 ratio of water to the paint.

Moreover, the paint is ideal for interior and exterior places. You can use this paint on walls, bricks, and cement surfaces. We also prefer the paint for hard places. Further, please read the review on amazon or any other store to know its usage.

Key Features of This Paint

Gini paint has extensive coverage so that you can save money. Others, it will provide 100% excellent results on the surface that we told you. The paint will dry at low temperatures and never crack or peel. For the fireplace, you can see its performance during painting. Related: paint for kitchen cupboards


  • Big coverage
  • Low order and nontoxic
  • Provide acrylic type finish
  • Use for stone fireplace


  • Not special for bricks

4. Majic PAINTS  Satin Paint

Majic PAINTS Satin Paint

Check Price on Amazon

Majic PAINTS are our fourth choice for backsplash and other kitchen area painting. The ideal work of the paint is to recover or give a new look to the surface. If your old paint gets dull or cracks, use it to cover it again. Our durable paint is perfect for creating a beautiful backsplash that will last for years. You can make the design because it consists of many colors. Plus, our paints are easy to apply and clean up, so you can complete your project with minimal hassle. So why wait? Get started on your kitchen backsplash today with Majic Paints!

The paint has available in 5 colors( white, green, yellow, Black and Brown) in the market so choose any for your needs. The size of the pack consists of 32 Fl Oz. It will provide a beautiful smooth satin finish to the surface after painting. Paint has a 2.1-pound weight and delivers with good packing at your home.

Furthermore, when it comes to use on the surface, Majic paint has many features. You can recover or repaint furniture, doors, or any project with the paint. It is perfect for wood, metal, brick, drywall, and masonry. The paint is also an idea for large commercial areas. You can try it on wood floors and give us reviews if it provides good results.

Benefits of This Paint

The paint contains many colors, which is a prominent feature for you. It is perfect for re-purpose projects and does not require sanding or primer. More surfaces can paint with this if you want. Your heart will be happy with the paint finish. We also use this paint for our different projects, so believe in us and buy for your needs.


  • High-quality, durable paint
  • Wide variety of colors and finishes
  • Easy to apply and clean up
  • Used on a variety of surfaces


  • Not for adults Use

5.  CalFlor FL49102 CounterFix Repair Kit

CalFlor FL49102 CounterFix Repair Kit

Check Price on Amazon

The Prestige Interior Paint and Primer interior paint does not require a primer if applied to properly prepared stucco, plaster, or interior surfaces. It is one of the best backsplash paint, which uses a primer-sealer that prevents stains from showing up on stained or glossy surfaces.

Coatings of more than one layer may be necessary for some colors. The colors of the paints may not exactly match what you see on your computer or in print. We need to scuff sand the shiny areas and fix the dents. Use a moist towel to wipe away dust, then let it dry. A plaster that has recently been installed must be allowed to cure fully.

Use an excellent roller cover, paintbrush, or pad painter with a nap size of 3/8 inch or smaller to apply this product as is. Dilute with water for spraying only if it becomes necessary to do so. 

What is the Important Things of this Paint Kit?

It would help if you bought this paint because after cracks and holes have been filled and sanded smooth, prime with this. When working with new woods, primers and sealants with an oil base may be necessary. It would help if you used Rust primer on metal. To ensure color consistency, stir the paint before each use and combine different containers.


  • Durable
  • Easy to apply
  • Particularly for interior


  • It might be uneven if used on the watery surface

6. Prestige Interior Paint 

Prestige Interior Paint

Check Price on Amazon

The CounterFix Mix2Match Repair Kit is a personalized repair solution for backsplash and other kitchen things. This paint is our last pick for backsplash and other painting projects. It is intended for use on Stone, Tile, Laminate, Concrete, and Wood counters. The Counter Kit features a kaleidoscope of pigments, making it possible to create an infinite number of color combinations.

It is made possible with the assistance of over 25 color formulas and instructions tailored to practically all countertop surfaces. The putty is acrylic, and its purpose is to cover the damaged area with a strong bond while allowing the countertop to flex as its conditions change. It ensures the filler will not crumble or come loose from the surface fixed on the countertop.

Why Do You Purchase This Paint?

 Because it provides you attached handbook provides basic and extensive directions for restoring damage and advice on easily adding a grain or marbling effect. In addition, the brochure contains a glossary of common repair terms.

It’s Excellent for both do-it-yourselfers and pros. So you can hire one for your paint and do it yourself. Putty, pigments, lacquer, mixing bowl, stir stick, measuring board, spatula, graining stick, lacquer brush, over twenty-five color formulas, and full instructions are included in the kit.


  • Durable and washable
  • Great coverage
  • Value for the money
  • Give dashing look


  • Not use for 2 coat

Easy Steps to Choosing The Best Paint for kitchen Backsplash (Buyers Guide)

It is quite hard to select paint from out of a thousand products. If you want to select a product by reading its specifications, features, usability, band, price, finishing, and user reviews are very difficult. Also, it will be a timed matter to read all the things one by one out of thousands of paints in the market. In this case, we bring for you only 8 products by spending 3 weeks with my team to select the best backsplash paint. And we’ve added some criteria in our buying guide section so that you can easily pick up the best item within minutes.

Checking Out The Paint Quality

Quality paint has many features like professional looks. When buying paint, you must check its quality because quality paint delivers a shiny surface and beautiful painting. But low-quality paint can’t make you satisfied with its painting quality. And low-grade paint won’t last long as quality paint.

Features of Paint

Features are also another criterion for selecting the best paint. Some features must be needed for painting backsplash, like a washable, waterproof, glossy finish, lasting longer and harder on the tiles. So select a paint that has these features for a longer-lasting backsplash. To décor your kitchen backsplash, you must purchase paint with many features.

Bands of Paint

The brand is also another great option for choosing paint. There are lots of brands available in the market. But all the brand isn’t good for a backsplash, or all branded product is not matching for backsplash. Some of the brands especially make paint for backsplash. So you can select a highly recommended brand, and their paint works well for backsplash.

Affordable Price

The most important thing is the price when you want to purchase paint. We all like to purchase budget-friendly paint, but we also want good service. Also, you can’t judge a painting by seeing its high price. Sometimes a high-priced product can be low quality. So, you check other things with price, and if everything is okay, you can purchase it. Usually, medium-grade paint is $15 to $30, while high-grade paint prices will be $40 to $70 for backsplash.

Output Finishing

It is the final criterion for selecting a backsplash paint. The last and impotent condition to select a paint is output finishing. If the paint finishing doesn’t look well, it looks like low-grade and unprofessional paint. And a glossy, shiny, and attractive finish can change the kitchen look, and it will be pretty. So check the paint finishing before purchasing paint as well.

What kind of Paint to Use on a Stone Backsplash?

Many paints can be used to paint stone backsplash. If you want to paint, like designing your backsplash, you may use acrylic paint. Also, latex paint can be used to paint stone backsplash. Moreover, you need washable paint if you want to paint a wet place.

How to Paint kitchen Backsplash Tiles?

Painting kitchen backsplash is not so hard, but you need to follow some steps for a better experience. Here in this section, we’ll share some easy steps below.

  • Clean the backsplash
  • Scrub the backsplash with a scrubber
  • Clean all the dust with a duster
  • Measure and line the area where you want to paint
  • Apply primer if needed
  • Now apply the paint to the backsplash with a paint roller.
  • Dry the paint for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Then apply a second coat for deep color
  • Now you finished painting your backsplash

Can You Paint the kitchen Stone Backsplash?

Of Corse, kitchen stone backsplash can be painted. Many stone backsplash user paints their stone backsplash and recommends painting. They design and do plain painting with latex and acrylic paint. If you want to paint stone backsplash, then you can paint it without any doubt.

Last lines

We hope you’re happy with our content best paint for kitchen backsplash. Eight best backsplash paint is best for the kitchen to décor. You can décor and design with this paint, which is the best quality. Also, you can follow the painting method above to paint your backsplash. However, all in all, this paint will be the best choice for your backsplash. If you find the content helpful, please share your backsplash painting experience with us in the comment section.

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