How to paint a ceramic base lamp

We use ceramic lamps in our homes and offices for ornamental purposes. It becomes difficult not to take them home once you see the ceramic base lamp in the thrift store. Despite their usage for the long term, they lose their shine. Sometimes, it is a challenging process to recycle the ceramic base lamp. But, we can re-paint them to give them a fresh look. Let’s see how to paint a ceramic base lamp?

What are the steps required to paint your ceramic base lamp?

  • Painting your ceramic lamp base is easy. You will need the things mentioned below to complete the process. Painters tape
  • Sandpaper: (190/220)
  • Spray: This will adhere to the ceramic surface, and it is better to use a clean one.
  • Spray paint: you can choose any color you want.

How to paint a ceramic base lamp

  1. Test the wiring
  2. Cleaning the lamp base
  3. Using the sandpaper
  4. Covering the base
  5. Apply spray to paint
  6. Let paint dry
  7. Peeling the tape off

Let us start the procedure by discussing each step in detail.

1. Test the wiring:

Before starting the process, we tested the wires whether they are working or not? If you are going to paint an antique lamp, you should make sure that all the parts of the ceramic base lamp are functional or not? Because blindly painting a ceramic base lamp isn’t find any use. You will be wasting your time on a useless thing. If you find any fault in the wiring, take it to the electrician and repair it immediately.

2. Cleaning the lamp base:

The next step comes the cleaning of the lamp. You need to clean up the ceramic lamp thoroughly from all the surfaces. Cleaning is crucial because a cleaned surface allows the paint to stick quickly. A clean and debris-free surface is good as it gives a smoother look. So, make sure while cleaning that there are no particles of debris leftover on the surface.

3. Using the sandpaper:

Once you have cleaned the whole gadget thoroughly, it’s time to apply sandpaper to the ceramic lamp base. Before applying paint, sandpaper is scruff all over the surface of the ceramic base lamp. It ensures that the paint will stick to perfection on the ceramic base lamp.

We also use sandpaper to brighten some of the areas on the ceramic base lamp. We wrap it in such a way as to get desired results. The use of paper to spruce the ceramic base lamp, as you can draw circular, sweeping, or any other shapes. You can also use a standing block for this purpose.

4. Covering the base:

You should figure out the design you want to make on your ceramic base lamp. Specify the areas on the ceramic lamp, and mark signs if necessary. Now, apply the tape all over the areas you don’t want to tape. For example, if your ceramic lamp has made of green color. And you want to have white paint in the middle, cover the upper and lower portion of the base lamp.

Use tape to cover the entire upper and lower area. It is the perfect design to have your base lamp painted. It entirely depends upon you, which kind of material you wanted to paint, and what details you want to show on the ceramic lamp base. Read the instructions that suit best to your ceramic material. You can choose the best designs of your choice. Many best methods are available on the internet, pick anyone and cut your paper according to that design.

5. Apply spray to paint:

How to paint a ceramic base lamp

After applying the paper all over the surface, try painting the ceramic base lamp with paint spray. We have already mentioned the spray available in the market. If you are not satisfied with our suggestions, you can use your own choice as well.

There are different methods of coloration of the ceramic base lamp. You can use a sprayer, or you can also use the paintbrush to color the entire surface. It depends upon you what you are going to choose. Paint the ceramic base lamp carefully.

Moreover, make sure that your pain does not fall around the objects and not make the place dirt. Apply the paint equally on the surface, and take special care that no place is leftover. It gives a bad look if the paint is applied unequally. Try painting the ceramic base lamp in the presence of light.

So, these were some steps that you need to remember while painting your ceramic base lamp. Follow the instruction if you want to do this task professionally. Generally, we don’t hire professionals to paint the light, as it is a simple process.

6. Let paint dry:

Soon after you have applied the paint, wait for at least 30 minutes and let it dry. The best method to dry it is by placing it in the air. If you lack patience and want to dry it even more quickly, try using a fan. There are some bit precautions you need to remember about the ceramic base lamp.

Don’t place a painted ceramic lamp in an environment that contains dust particles. The dust particles will get attach to newly painted material. It will give a rough look to the ceramic base lamp. So, find an air-tight room and perform this entire step in a sterilized environment.

Some people even think to dry the ceramic base lamp by heat method. It isn’t delicious to dry it using the head. The paint we just threw on ceramic needs to be hardened and dry. When we dry it by heart, all the paint will melt and distort the shape we drew on the ceramic base lamp. So, drying using heat is prohibited.

7. Peeling the tape off:

Now, it’s time to give a final touch to our newly painted ceramic base lamp. If your tape could not cover all the places over ceramic material, you could use some alcohol to remove the paint from the surface. The peeling process is easy, but it becomes problematic when you show hurry.

Peel the paper off from the ceramic surface with the help of a nail. You can even use any equipment to perform the process. Start feeling from the edges slowly and carefully because at least one side of the paper is in touch with the paint.

This care is necessary only when you are peeling soon after you have painted. If you have enough time to paint to get dry, you can peel it off with speed. I hope you enjoy how to paint a ceramic base lamp article.

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