Best Header Paint for Cars 7 Options of 2023

Hello, how are you? My name is John smith. I have a painting shop and work as a painter with my team in the USA. Our today topic is header paint and what is the best header paint for cars engine. Cars and other vehicles are the best way to travel. 

In these cars and other vehicles, engines play an important character for you. It completes the distance in some hours and minutes, and we feel happy. Vehicles need a good engine to travel a long time, but there are some disadvantages of the engine. 

Sometimes, the engine is hot when you travel, and your vehicle stops. So don’t worry, it is a good idea to paint the engine because the paint is cold and keeps the engine cold for a long time. Paint also gives it good performance and protection. 

So today, we will tell you the quality header paint for your vehicle engine. We also tell you How to paint header for your information. You can see our top 7 best paints for header or engine for your good pick.  

Can You Paint Headers?

You can use professional and high-quality paints for the header. Yes, you can paint a header to cool your vehicle engine for long travel. You can buy paint, shake it, and then apply it to the engine. But be careful when you apply the paint on the header. 

We prefer rust oleum paint for the header because it has many qualities. It has high heat, which cools the engine and makes it for long travel. We hope you read it review and see its features.

Our Top- Rated Best Header Paint Reviews of 2023

Paint Name Brand Color Latest Price
1. Design Engineering Silicone Coating SprayDesign EngineeringWhiteBuy on Amazon
2. Thermo-Tec 12001 Black High Heat Coating  Thermo-TecBlackBuy on Amazon
3. POR-15 High-Temperature PaintPOR-15GrayBuy on Amazon
4. Rust-Oleum Automotive High Heat Spray Paint  Rust-OleumFlat BlackBuy on Amazon
5.  KBS XTC Header Manifold Paint  KBS CoatingsJet BlackBuy on Amazon
6. PJ1 16-HIT Flat Black Hi-Temp Spray Paint  PJ1  Flat Black  Buy on Amazon
7. Eastwood Durable Resistant Matte Silver Finish Coating  Eastwood  SilverBuy on Amazon

Can you want to see our top best paint for headers reviews for your information and good pick? Here we tell you the good header paint reviews to pick one high-performance header paint. The review contains all the good information about the paints. Read this guide and choose the best Header paint black or black header paint for your job.

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Best Exhaust Header Paint: Design Engineering Silicone Coating Spray 

Best Exhaust Header Paint: Design Engineering Silicone Coating Spray 

Check Price on Amazon

The high-temperature paint is perfect for any hot surface. Automotive and other fireplaces have special surfaces that accept only high heat paints. But when we talk about headers, they also need high-quality, high heat paint that can stay on the header surface at 2000 degrees temperature without fading, cracking, and chipping. 

Design engineering silicone header coating spray paint provides lasting protection for any hot (high-heat) surface up to 1500 degrees. The paint is recommended with its exhaust wrap because it seals the material and provides lasting protection. It also resists any oil, dirt, and road grime.

However, silicone coating spray works better on headers, blocks, starters, and even on your grill at home. Silicone spray coating is helping to extend header surfaces lifetime to stay longer without having any rust. Design engineering paint keeps the look new always and protects the surface from chipping. Read here, aircraft remover.


  • Protection from abrasions, oil & grime
  • Heat protection up to 1500°F
  • For use on exhaust wraps, pipes, manifolds & more
  • 12 oz. can
  • Ceramic spray paint for header cure temperature: 400°F


  • The dry time not good : 2 hours

Key Features:

  • seals, protects, and prolongs the lifespan of exhaust wrap
  • Works equally well on exhaust headers, pipes, engine blocks, and other applications where coatings are required
  • Protection from abrasions, hot oil spills, and road grime
  • Recommended for use with DEI non-Titanium exhaust wraps

Best No Bake Header Paint: Thermo-Tec 12001 Black High Heat Coating

Best No Bake Header Paint: Thermo-Tec 12001 Black High Heat Coating

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In our review section, we come with another paint that is also high heat protective paint. We hope it has some more features for using it on any fireplaces or automotive sections that need high heat protective paint. A durable paint always protects the surfaces from many things while used as a protective guard. 

In this review section, we develop a paint that the brand of Thermo-Tec manufactures. Thermo-Tec designed their paint to be the best protection where they derive up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. In this case, we’ve listed this paint or coating in our top-rated list. It works as well as a supper guard for your header surface.

Thermo-Tec high heat black colored spray coating will protect the wrap from abrasion and harmful liquid spills. And it will also be better protection for extra resins and binders to toughen the surface.

 Moreover, Thermo-Tec also extends the wrap’s life by protecting it from friction and sealing the pores to minimize the penetration of harmful liquids. Check here, paint for aluminum garage door.


  • The coating also works excellent as a paint directly on metal surfaces
  • Seals the pores to minimize the penetration of harmful liquids
  • This item is not for sale on Catalina Island
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • Flashpoint: -104.0 degrees Celsius


  • Confused, in the pictures there are two cans of paint. But the price is for one can of paint. You’ll get one can of paint while you order it.

Key Features:

  • Make the old parts look like new
  • Provide gloss, shine, and extra smooth surface
  • Protect from any rust, crack, and chipping
  • The best header coating to keep it safe always
  • It also works excellent on metal surfaces

Best Header Fonts Paint: POR-15 High-Temperature Paint

Best Header Fonts Paint POR-15 High-Temperature Paint

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When we make a heat-resistant paint list and review it, our list would be incomplete without Por-15 heat-resistant paint. Por-15 is a paint that is high quality and popular too. Most of the high heat paint users recommend for-15, and also they use it themselves. In this review section, we’ve added Por-15 paint for our readers to get the best suggestion for their paint.

Pro-15 is a high heat and heat resistant paint that always provides the best protection. While we talk about protection, Por-15 heat resistant paint always stays in the front position. This paint protects your header, exhaust, engine body, and high heat surfaces from fading, chipping, pilling, and cracking.

To get the best results, clean the surfaces where you want to apply this. high quality header paint Clean off all dirt, loose Rust, oil, grease, wax, soap, loose paint & any other matte from the selected surface. 

Then apply the heat-resistant paint at a 360-degree angle. Let it sit and cure properly. Then enjoy years of protection on your car header. Popular article, Paint for Asbestos Siding


  • POR-15 High Temp paint is capable of withstanding
  • Extreme temperatures up to 1200°F / 648.8°C
  • It will resist cracking, chipping, and peeling.
  • Its high-temperature paint provides a tough corrosion
  • Hot header paint protects against weather, salt, and moisture.


  • High price header paint 

Key Features:

  • POR-15 Heat Resistant Paint is the most uniform heat-resistant coating
  • Comes in three colors: Flat Black, Manifold Gray, and Aluminum
  • It will maintain rich, brilliant color
  • Ideal for use on all cars, domestic or foreign
  • Superb heat resistant coating for header

Best Engine Header Paint: Rust-oleum Automotive High Heat Spray Paint

Best Engine Header Paint Rust-oleum Automotive High Heat Spray Paint

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Cars header is a part of which always stays hot and higher temperature. In this case, this can’t stay longer on the header surface. That is why we come with Rust-Oleum high heat paint that is heat resistant within 2000⁰+ temperature.

Rust-oleum automotive paint is gas and oil-resistant. These features make it durable and have long-lasting protection on the car’s header. High heat Spray paint is ideal for automotive and automotive parts were exposed to an intermittent temperature of 2000⁰ F.

The paint is ideal for exhaust, engine body, manifold, and more. It provides stop rust protection formulated. And prevent gas, grease, oil stain, environmental elements including Rust, salt, humidity, and more. However, it will give you comfort with any angle spray facilities while you’re painting.


  • Ideal for automotive parts and header.
  • Allows high heat up to 2000⁰ Fahrenheit. 
  • Comes with a stop rust formula
  • It prevents oil stain, grease, gas, humidity, and more
  • It allows you to spray on any angle with a comfort tip.


  • It does not work perfectly for BBQ.

Key Features:

  • Dries to the touch of 30 minutes on the header
  •  It covers 10 square feet per can on the header
  • Durable header coating
  • Header paint black colored and lasts longer
  • Protective finish paint color

Best Ceramic Header Paint: KBS XTC Manifold Paint

Best Ceramic Header Paint KBS XTC Header Manifold Paint

Check Price on Amazon

In this review section, we bring a unique high heat header paint that will satisfy you. It is a unique, high-performance, specially made for manifold, and durable high heat paint. The brand KBS coating manufactures the paint.

If you’re looking for high-performance heat-resistant paint that will protect your car’s header and stay longer on your header, then KBS XTC would be the best product for you.

A quality high heat paint can be years of protection guard on your manifold, or exhaust. This paint has the extra ability to concern the high heat that comes from the engine. And it keeps the paint always glossy on the header.

Extreme temperature coating (XTC) comes in black color. So your car’s heater will be black while you paint with it. It is specially made for header, that’s why you can give it a try and check practically its performance.


  • One of the best high-heat paints.
  •  Silver header paint Keeps the header shiny always
  • Stays longer on the header
  • Its high performance makes user satisfaction
  • Provide a glossy finish on your header surface.


  • It doesn’t have more reviews on Amazon.

Key Features:

  • A unique paint for header and manifold. 
  • It comes 8 Oz paint with black color
  • Featured with long-lasting protection. 
  • Durable formula withstands the best protection.
  • A great paint for ease of use.

Best high temp header paint: PJ1 16-HIT Flat Black Hi-Temp Spray Paint

Best high temp header paint PJ1 16-HIT Flat Black Hi-Temp Spray Paint

Check Price on Amazon

PJ1 16-HIT Flat Black Hi-Temp Spray Paint is the best choice for header painting. The spray header paint is good for any surface and gives good results. It is mostly used for metal surfaces. So if you are looking for metal spray paint for header, then PJ1 16-HIT Flat Black paint is a perfect choice. 

This is our second last recommendation for header or engine. You can make your engine new with this paint. The exhaust paint was originally manufactured for NASA or used for spacecraft things. Applying this paint to the engine will give you a smooth finish. 

The durable header paint is perfect for a ceramic engine. It will cool the pipes and tubes when it gets hot. Moreover, the Best header spray paint protects the engine from rust and protects it from other things. 

Spray header paint has many applications for use. You can apply it for 3 to 4 coats then your engine looks new. It dries only in 24 hours and cleans the surface of the engine. We hope you read the review of the spray paint on Amazon. We think this is the perfect header paint for cars and other vehicles. 


  • Great for beginners and professional user
  • The idea for many surfaces
  • Low price and quality gloss header paint
  • High-performance engine paint


  • Some users ask that paint don’t come when applied to spray.

Key Features:

  • Good work on any engine
  • Chemical resistance and cool the engine
  • Gloss black header paint gives you 100% good results when applied to the surface.
  • It resists chipping and scratching.

Best high heat exhausts header paint: Eastwood Matte Silver Finish Coating

Best high heat exhausts header paint Eastwood Durable Resistant Matte Silver Finish Coating

Check Price on Amazon

Eastwood Durable Resistant is the best choice for beginners. It is our last recommendation for painting header. It is perfect for spray paint for engines and is used for many surfaces. Moreover, the color is silver, an attractive color for the header. The brand is good for manufacturing this paint.

The spray paint resists up to 1400 temperature. It covers a good area for painting. You can use this paint with a brush and many applications. Best no-bake header paint contains two cans for the system. 

Moreover, it covers a 6 square feet area for painting. The one pint covers up to 12 square areas for the painting header. Ceramic header paint offers rust protection and gives you long-lasting life of the engine. You can use paint for many surfaces like silver, metal, and more. 

Our last recommendation is good for you. You read the review from amazon because it has many features. We hope you like it the most. 


  • Good for new user
  • Resist heat up to 1400 degree
  • The size of the bottle is good.
  • Cover size 6 feet


  • Not for children use

Key Features:

  • Good product 
  • Easy to use
  • Contain two cans for more painting
  • Give you a matte finish

What Should You Look at Before Buying the Best Header Paint? (Buying Guide)

Header paint is a high-temperature paint that always stays in a fireplace or higher wild place. It would help if you had some significant considerations to select a paint before final selection.

How do you select a product when you want to buy it? Do you choose the product by watching its beautiful face? If I’m right, more than 90% of online customers don’t do that. They select a product by considering many criteria. I hope you already understand what I’m trying to say.

When it comes to header paint, you need to check the temperature quality, durability, usability, technology, size, how it protects the surface, price, and color. I hope these points will help you find out the best paint for headers. Let’s ahead to compare paint with these criteria.

Temperature Quality

Temperature is the major factor for header paint while you choose to paint. There is as high as 2000⁰+ Fahrenheit to as low as 1200⁰ Fahrenheit temperatures that are perfectly working on the header. Make sure your paint can sufferance 1200⁰ to 2000⁰ Fahrenheit temperatures.


We love the durable product. Durability is an extra feature for the product. When we come to choose header paint, at this time, we need to check the paint is durable or not. A durable paint would be perfect for your header. So always select the durable header paint.


User-friendly products always people like to buy. Because a User-friendly product also has many other hidden features. An easy application formula makes the header paint ideal. So always we check our products easy application or User friendly.


The painting size depends on your project. Compare the painting size that you want to buy with your project. Try to get paint that can complete your job. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy another new paint for your uncomplicated project. Whatever, it was a small amount of space.


It is a more important point to consider about it. You’ve to be careful while selecting a header paint in this step. It would help if you got the value of your buck’s. Compare the paint with other paint, and its facilities then consider its price. If you see it is perfect with everything, even budget-friendly, you can consider purchasing the paint.

Best Paint for Header FAQ’s of 2023

Does VHT work on headers?

Yes it works on the header, but you need to follow its instructions when you want to paint with it

Does ceramic paint work on headers?

It is a good idea to paint the header with ceramic paint. Ceramic paint is the best for header painting. The paint cools the engine and resists heat. It can not damage and crack the tubes. So you can use ceramic for header paint.

Can you paint your car exhaust?

Use high-heat paint when painting exhaust pipes to avoid damage. Using high-heat paint is essential since other paints will not withstand the exhaust pipe’s heat. If you’re not using increased paint, the air intake may need to be repainted.

Can you use engine paint on headers?

Yes, you can use engine paint on the header because it has the same type. Moreover, many other paints available in the market you can also use these paints. 

Final Words:

This complete header paint guide tells you all about the best quality header paints for your information. Here we listed our top best paint for header. You can read all the reviews of the paints and pick one of the good paints for your needs. We hope this guide will help you choose the good paint for your job. Thanks

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