Best Copper conductive paint Archaic Elements Graphite Conductive Paint

Hi, how are you? I’m john smith. I work as a painter with my team in the USA. Today we come with a new topic best conductive paint for electroforming. Electroforming is the cause of the rust problem. When things get old, then they cause rust. 

If you want to have painted for electroforming flowers, plastic, ceramic and many other things, you choose the best paint. If you are a beginner, you know the best conductive paint for electroforming. 

This guide will tell you all about electroforming paint and how to make conductive paint. Read this complete guide and know about all conductive paints for electroforming.

Top 5 Best Conductive Paint for Electroforming Reviews of 2022:

Here we will review the conductive paints for your best picking. You read the guide and see all the Diy conductive paint for electroforming and the Best copper conductive paint for electroforming for your choice. We will tell you the paints’ pros, cons, and features. We hope you choose the best conductive paint for your project.

NameBrandColorLatest Price
1. Archaic Elements Graphite Conductive Paint Archaic ElementsBlackBuy on amazon
2. MG Chemicals Total Ground Carbon Conductive PaintMG Chemicalscarbon Buy on amazon
3. Bare Conductive Touch Board Pro KitBare ConductiveNo Buy on amazon
4. Generic Conductive Graphene Carbon Paint GenericBlack Buy on amazon
5. MG Chemicals – 841AR-15ML Nickel Print MG ChemicalsNickel Buy on amazon

Best Copper Conductive Paint: Archaic Elements Graphite Conductive Paint

Best Copper conductive paint Archaic Elements Graphite Conductive Paint

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Archaic elements manufacture graphite conductive paint. The paint provides low-cost, money-saving, environmentally friendly paint suitable for all applications. The paint is non-toxic and comes with one fluid Oz per container. Archaic elements are a growing company in the USA. 

Remember, the paint is working for electroforming paint. There is an enormous difference between electroforming and electroplating purpose. So you could choose this product for electroforming purposes. Do not purchase this product for electroplating purposes.

Archaic Elements is a home-owned company, and they provide handcrafted products. The product has much more features, such as fast drying, non-toxic, low electrical resistance, screen printable, water-soluble, and more.

Again, if you’re not happy with their products, they will refund you all you spend to buy them. So, you’re free to purchase it with zero risk or confusion.

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  • Suitable for all types of application 
  • It provides an economical, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly. 
  • 100% money refund guarantee 
  • Fully made by handcrafted 
  • It diluted with 90% alcohol or distributed water


  • It is only for electroforming copper 

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic paint and safe to use.
  • Water-soluble
  • Best conductive paint ever
  • Suitable for electroforming copper 
  • Thin and smooth consistency 

Best Conductive Spray Paint for Plating: MG Chemicals Total Ground Carbon Conductive

Best Conductive spray paint for plating MG Chemicals Total Ground Carbon Conductive Paint

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Now we’re with another conductive paint which manufactured by MG Chemicals. MG Chemicals paint provides 50 dB of RFI shielding at frequencies 1 MHz. It is carbon-based conductive paint. MG Chemicals conductive paint has more features like solvent-based acrylic lacquer, consisting of 1-part, and pigment with highly conductive carbon powder. 

MG Chemicals is a smooth, abrasion-resistant, and durable conductive paint. The paint is pretty easy to apply on any surface. MG conductive paint dries quickly, and it doesn’t need any heat cure for drying. 

However, this conductive paint firmly adheres to most surfaces like plastics, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, metal, nylon, and more. Moreover, MG Chemicals conductive paint is excellent for electric contract paint, carbon shielding paint, grounding paint, low-frequency RFI paint, and more.

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  • One part system and easy to apply 
  • 2 It has four options available depending on conductive requirements 
  • Excellent adhesion to most plastics
  • Doesn’t contain toluene, MEK, xylene
  • Board frequency range protection 


  • Two coats are not conductive 

Key Features:

  • It provides electric conductivity to almost any surfaces 
  • Dry quickly, and no heat cure is needed 
  • Conductive coating for electroforming 
  • Board level shielding. 
  • Easy application with brush or spray. 

Best Flexible Conductive Paint: Bare Conductive Touch Board Pro Kit

Best Flexible conductive paint Bare Conductive Touch Board Pro Kit

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In this section, we came with a different item: a conductive touch board kit. All our products are a single paint, but it is a touch board pro kit. It has many items for conductive touch boards. You can say it is a complete set for a conductive touch board. 

What is included in a touch board set? Well, the bare conductive set included a touch board, an electric paint 50ml jar, an electric paint 10ml tube, header kit, 3 A5 painted sensors, 15m copper tape, touch board photo shield, micro SD card and reader, resource guide, 10x alligator clips, and micro USB cable. 

However, the touch board photo shield will provide you with more connection options. Also, you can start testing immediately by using a pre-painted electric paint sensor. Read the resource guide to use it properly as it works.

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Best Conductive Paint for Plating Plastic: Generic Conductive Graphene Carbon Paint

Best Conductive paint for plating plastic Generic Conductive Graphene Carbon Paint

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If you are looking for carbon paint for electroforming for any electroforming project, then Generic Conductive Graphene Carbon Paint is the best choice for you. This electroforming paint is used for beginners, painters, and people. The brand is professional about making this type of paint. 

Conductive paint for plating plastic has thermal and electric conductivity. It protects the object from rust and prevents many things. Moreover, the paint is watercolors type, giving you a good finish on any surface. 

It gives you good adhesion when applied to the surface. It is flexible during working and paints and protects from cracking. It is available in a 14-gram brush cap bottle and dries fast. Moreover, it is non-toxic and makes your project good.

You choose this paint for electroplating and electroforming. You will be happy with this paint when applied to the surface. 

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  • Good for beginners
  • High performance in the market due to work
  • Dry time fast
  • Give you 100% result when applied to a surface


  • No customer reviews

Key Features:

  • Ideal for electroforming
  • The bottle size is good so feel free to buy
  • Weight is also low for carrying 
  • Quality paint is best for electroplating

Best Electroforming Conductive Paint: MG Chemicals – 841AR-15ML Nickel Print

Best electroforming conductive paint MG Chemicals - 841AR-15ML Nickel Print

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Now we will tell you about the electroforming conductive paint for your need. MG Chemicals – 841AR-15ML Nickel Print is a good choice for any painter that wants to paint electroforming. It is acrylic paint and contains two brushes with it. The conductive paint is mainly used for exterior or interior surfaces painting. 

The paint is easy to use with no heat cure necessary. It gives a solvent base system that gives you a matte finish. Exceptional conductivity, high adherence to plastics, and corrosion-resistant resistance are only some of the characteristics of this material, which has a variety of uses.

To reduce EMI/RFI emissions from electronic shells made of plastic, the 841AR is designed to offer a conductive surface inside the enclosing. It may also be used to separate distinct circuits or components of a device close to one another.

Aluminum and many others. You can use this paint on any surface, such as wood, copper. Moreover, the finish type is perfect for any project. It is manufactured by mg chemical, which is a promising industry. Hope you like this conductive paint for your project.

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  • Suitable for beginners and new people who want to paint
  • It is durable and rust resistance
  • Provide from the effects of shielding
  • Quickly dry


  • Not suitable for some applications such as cell phones, cable boxes, sporting equipment, and many others

Key Features:

  • Work perfectly and quickly
  • Use this for the shielding process
  • Paint is low resistance 
  • Good for guitar shielding

Things to Consider Before Buying a Conductive Paint for Electroforming

To purchase the best product, you need to consider some factors. Compare the products with your needs, then choose one of the best items from our list. I will discuss some points to show you and compare the best quality conductive paint. 

Let’s jump to the buying guide section and find out the best item.


At first, we’ve to check out the quality of the product you want to purchase. Do not select a low-quality product and expect a better result. Remember, a high-quality product can give you high-performance satisfaction results. 


It is another consideration while selecting a product. Think about your need and compare it with product size. Is it fulfilled your need or not? If it goes to you correctly, then select it in your cart.


Look at the application type before purchasing a conducive paint. Some paint is easy to apply, and some of our harder. So if you want to use yourself, consider the application process. 


One of the most important factors to consider is price. We all want a budget-friendly product which is also a high-quality product. We hope all our conductive paint for electroforming is budget-friendly with professional quality. In this step, you can compare your budget and product price. 


A popular branded product could be qualified. We expect a better product from a valuable brand. That’s why we all like to purchase our products from a famous, qualified, and international brand. 


Longevity is another feature to look after while considering buying a product. All the paint are not last longer. Some paint lasts longer with years and years without fading, cracking, and chipping. So check out your product is last longer or not. 

Finish type

While we’re painting our goods, finish type is essential. Some paints provide a glossy finish, shiny finish, and bright finish.


There are lots of paint colors available in the market. Try to match the color with what you want to paint. In this case, we’ve brought more different colors of conductive paint to our top-rated list. 


Durability is also a necessary factor in finding out the best price. A durable product lasts longer, provides the best job, multiple surfaces protection, and more. So we find out a durable product to get the best result. 

Our Recommendation

I’ve checked all the considerations and compared the paint above to the top-rated list. After that, I chose three paint 5 🌟, 4🌟, and 3 🌟 rated products.

5 stars rated:  Archaic Elements Graphite Conductive Paint

4 stars rated: Bare Conductive Touch Board Pro Kit

3 stars rated: MG Chemicals – 841AR-15ML Nickel Print

I hope these are the best product for you. Also, you can research yourself and find out the best one.

How to Make Conductive Paint?

Here we will tell you how to make conductive paint in this guide. Do you know how to make conductive paint and copper paint? If you don’t know, then we will tell you all. You need some equipment to make conductive paint and what things you need to make.

we tell you something that you need to make conductive paint with your hands. read the guide and know all about how to make conductive paint

Things you Need to Make Conductive Paint:

  • Powered carbon
  • White vinegar
  • White glue

Suppose you do not have these things. You get these all things from any store nearby you. You cannot make conductive paint in the home. To complete all things, then make conductive paint.

How to Make Conductive Paint: 2022 Process

Here we will tell you some simple steps to make conductive paint. You follow these steps and make conductive paint in your home. let’s start

  • It would help if you kept in mind that you wear breathing cloth or mask when mixing the conductive paint. Conductive paint contains many chemicals which cause health problems.
  • Now take power and add glue to it. Now mix them with the brush.
  • after doing this, now add three spoons of white glue in the white vinegar
  • Add 3 to 6 spoons of powdered carbon and mix all these things well. When doing this, you will get the conductive paint for your project.

We hope this article will guide you to make conductive paint in the home. It is a straightforward process for making conductive paint in the home. You follow the step and do it quickly.

FAQ’s of Conducting Paint for Electroforming

Is copper spray paint conductive?

Yes, copper spray paint is conductive and used for conductive things. It will become conductive when dry. You can use this paint on many electroforming things. So you can choose to spray paint for electroforming.

How long does conductive paint take to dry?

A conductive paint takes no more time to dry. It depends on the season. In summer, it takes only 5 to 10 minutes to dry. in winter, conductive paint takes much time. It will take 20 to 25 minutes to dry because heat capacity is not decisive for drying. choose electric paint because when dry, it becomes conductive

Is silver paint conductive?

Yes, all paints are conductive, but you need good paint for electroforming. Most of the silver and gold paints are also conductive, but they are expensive. The feature of these paints is good for electroforming.

What is carbon conductive paint?

The carbon conductive paint is used for electroforming and electroplating. It comes from a small number of polymers that give you good adhesion. It will take more time to dry. So it depends on you to choose paint for any project.

Final words:

This complete guide tells you all about conductive paint and the best conductive paint for electroforming. You read the guide and know about all conductive paint. We also tell you how to make conductive paint in the home for your information.

Conductive paint is used for any project. So choose the best conductive paint for your project. Hope this guide will help in choosing the best conductive paint for you. Thanks

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