What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Burlap? Burlap paint

Hi, I am john smith. I work as a painter with my team in the USA. Today, we come with a new topic: the best paint to use on burlap. Burlap is an excellent choice for fabric to décor anything. It is the most favorite thing for decorations. 

You can work hard with burlap because it is a rough fabric. But it depends on your paint or what paint to use on burlap. Most people use chalk paint and fabric paint, but it is not good options. 

This guide will tell you all about burlap paint and fabric paint for your information. We review the best paint for burlap for you to pick one. But it is essential to know what paint to use on burlap. So read the guide and see all the reviews of burlap paints.

Our Top Best Paint to Use On Burlap: Reviews of 2022

Paint NameTypeBrandLatest price
1. Fabric Paint SetMetallicColor MoreBuy on Amazon
2. Jacquard Fabric Paint Textile Primary & Secondary 8 Color SetAcrylicPositive ArtBuy on Amazon
3. Crafts 4 All Fabric Paint SetAcrylicCrafts 4 All  Buy on Amazon
4. COLORFUL Fabric Paint Set for Clothes Watercolor, AcrylicCOLORFUL  Buy on Amazon
5. Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint to Use on BurlapMetallicMagicflyBuy on Amazon
6. Caliart Acrylic Paint Set for BurlapAcrylicCaliart  Buy on Amazon
7. Chalk Paint Style Burlap Paint for Decor
Country Chic Paint  Buy on Amazon

Now we review the best paint for burlap and the best fabric paints for your pick. In reviews, we tell you the benefits or benefits of the paints. So read the review properly and check the paint on Amazon for more information. We hope you like the burlap paint and buy it.

Best Burlap Paint: Fabric Paint Set to Use on Burlap

Best burlap paint Fabric Paint Set

Check Price on Amazon

Fabric Paint Set is the best choice for burlap and fabric decoration. It has been used for jeans painting, canvas painting, shoes, and many DIY projects. The burlap paint set contains 40 colors for different designs and paintings. Moreover, fabric paint set is used for more projects. 

The painting set contains two brushed plates for mixing paint and many colors. It has available in multicolor so you can choose anyone for painting. It is an excellent choice to gift for painters and DIY artists. 

Moreover, a paint set is best for Christmas parties and functions. All the paint set colors are classic, metallic, and acrylic, making your project beautiful for people. the best features of the paint are it dries fast and is available at a low price

Our fabric paint is non-toxic and safe for health, so you do not require a mask for face dust. It requires no heating for drying and gives you good performance for a long time. Moreover, the paint has one year of grantee so feel free to buy.

We hope you like the paint with foam roller and see it. Also, review it on Amazon for more information. It is the perfect paint for you. Read the review and then decide to choose. 

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  • Suitable for professional painters and artist
  • Apply on jeans, shirts, and pants
  • Suitable for a gift to any person that found of painting
  • Non-toxic and no need for heating


  • It is not for cloth use because the colors are metallic

Key Features:

  • Many users ask if a suitable fabric paint set
  • Use for many DIY projects
  • All the bottle sizes are suitable for paint
  • Dry fast and low price
  • Contain all things that need for painting

Best Fabric Paint: Jacquard Fabric Paint Textile Primary & Secondary

Best fabric paint Jacquard Fabric Paint Textile Primary & Secondary 8 Color Set

Check Price on Amazon

If you are looking for a fabric paint set for painting and designing, then Jacquard Fabric Paint is the best choice for you. This paint set is suitable for professional painters and beginners. It contains eight secondary colors set for different designs. Moreover, a paint set can apply to any entire burlap surface for painting.

The painting set gives you a cloth-looking personality and makes it professional for all people. It has semi-transparent and intense, but it gives love to the fabric artist. The bottle size is significant, which contains 25% water when mixed, giving good painting. 

Many USA peoples buy this for fabric painting. Moreover, you can use it for many other projects like shoes, canvas, wood, etc. The painting set can be used on any entire burlap surface and give you an excellent surface finish. Furthermore, it works great on leather and clothes. You read the review and see the paint set. We hope you like it. 

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  • High performance due to work
  • Use for any project
  • Best paint for clothes and jeans
  • Quality paint gives you 100% good result


  • Not good for beginners

Key Features:

  • Good use on wood and fabric surface
  • The size of the bottles is good.
  • Contain three brushes with suitable paints
  • It is an excellent paint to use on burlap

Best Craft Paint: Crafts 4 All Fabric Paint Set

Best craft paint Crafts 4 All Fabric Paint Set

Check Price on Amazon

We will talk about the craft paint and give you all its information. Craft paint is suitable for decoration for burlap. Crafts 4 All Fabric Paint Set is the best paint on burlap and fabric. Moreover, it contains 24 fabric paint for different designs. You can use this paint for different surfaces. 

Our fabric paint is suitable for clothes, sneakers and many other things. Moreover, it gives your painting a high level. The paint contains three natural fiber brushes, 24 shades, and 24 craft paints for decorations and designs. 

Paint has been used easily to use for writing and create doodles. The paint is best for 2D and 3d artwork. Our craft paint is non-toxic and best for kid paintings. Kids will design well with this paint set and make her painting good. 

We hope you like this paint and buy it. It gives you grantee work and gives you quality painting. It is good to plan to use this paint set for cloth decoration, and textured surfaces include woods, ceramic, and glass.

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  • Suitable for adults and kids painting
  • Safe for skin
  • Good work on 2D and 3D
  • High-quality paint for work


  • The size of the bottle is not good

Key Features:

  • Easy to use this paint set on any surface
  • You can gift it to friends
  • Great for glass art 
  • Grantee work for bigneers

Best Colorful Paint Set: COLORFUL Fabric Paint Set for Clothes

Best colorful paint set COLORFUL Fabric Paint Set for Clothes

Check Price on Amazon

Our fourth recommendation is fabric paint for burlap painting. COLORFUL Fabric Paint Set is the best choice for clothes and other objects. Moreover, it can use on other projects like shoe painting, canvas, and many others. The painting set contains six natural fiber brushes, one plate, 12 colors for different project paintings.

The painting set gives you a water based paints type for your project and makes it professional for users. It is non-toxic and the best paint for kids and adults. Moreover, the professional painter does their painting well with a paint set. 

It is perfect for all kids’ DIY painting. All the colors are acrylic and give you quality work. You can apply this paint to wood, t-shirts, pants, clothing, and jeans. 

The best feature of the paint set is it dries fast and saves your money too. When the paint dries, it will become water-based paints. If you want to earn good money from your shop choose this paint for clothes, pants and all things.

It is easy to use and gives you more quality. When you apply it to the surface, it leaves no dust. So it is saving for health also. We hope you like this paint for its more features. Please read the review from Amazon for picking. We think it is the best paint for all things. 

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  • Best for adults and beginners
  • Ideal for a gift to friends
  • Non-toxic and save for health
  • Size is good and natural fiber brushes you for design
  • No need heating


  • Some users ask it is challenging to use for designing

Key Features:

  • The brand quality is good, so choose to paint freely
  • The color variety is perfect for kids
  • Perfect for customices
  • The quality is excellent for beginners 

Best Metallic Color for Clothing: Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint to Use on Burlap

Best Metallic Color for Clothing Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint to Use on Burlap

Check Price on Amazon

When you’re looking for quality paint to use on burlap, at the same time, we came with a magically 3D fabric paint. Magicfly 3D textile paint is the best choice to use on burlap. There are many paints available that work well on burlap. But, this textile paint is ideal for burlap painting. 

Burlap is a kind of fabric or similar to fabric. Most of the burlap is made with jute or canvas. So all this burlap allows fabric paint for better results. In this case, we’ve brought this paint for you to Paint your burlap as well. 

Magicfly textile is a 3D paint that includes 24 different vibrant colors. This brand provides 24 colors for unique design and creative needs. You can create many things with this paint, like drawing, customizing, and doodling. 

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  • It has 24 vibrant high pigment colors
  • These must-have colors will fulfill your creative needs
  • Ideal for designing, drawing, and doodling. 
  • It is also multi-purpose paint 
  • They are super easy to squeeze and apply. 


  • The paint isn’t waterproof 

Key Features:

  • Comes with three free brushes 
  • Includes glow in the dark, metallic, and glitter paint. 
  • These paints dry quickly without cracking 
  • The non-toxic and odorless formula for safe use
  • Safe for both kids and adults 

Best Beginner Burlap Paint: Caliart Acrylic Paint Set for Burlap

Best beginner burlap paint Caliart Acrylic Paint Set for Burlap

Check Price on Amazon

If you want popular and high-rated paint for your burlap painting, then a clipart acrylic paint set is ideal for you. The clipart paint set works excellent on burlap surfaces, as you expected. 

This acrylic paint set comes in 24 pieces, and each bottle has 59ml liquid paint. Burlap needs brush painting or foam roller for the best finish. And this paint is used for brush painting. So you can easily use this paint on the burlap. 

Let’s see the quality and extra features of this paint. Clipart is an artist-quality acrylic paint set for beginners and professionals. These high-rated paints stay beautiful as the day is painted, dry quickly, glide on smoothly, and more benefits. 

Clipart Acrylic Paint is great for painting fabric, burlap, canvas, wood, ceramic, rock, and more material. So, it is a multi-purpose paint but not only burlap paint. So you can use this paint on anything at your home.

Thinking about pigment or safety! Well, caliart is a paint that is vibrant pigment. Also, this paint is Non-toxic formulated, and FDA certified for safe use. It doesn’t have any side effects for kids and elders. 

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  • Comes with 24 high-quality rich pigment paint. 
  • It stays longer as it paints for the first time.
  • Rich pigment and FDA approved for safe use.
  • Ideal for woods, rocks, fabrics, burlaps, and more.
  • Suitable for professional artists, students, kids, and painting lovers.


  • These acrylic paints are so sheer.

Key Features:

  • It can create custom shades
  • Perfect for use on a variety of surfaces 
  • It offers excellent coverage 
  • 100% money-back guarantee from the company 
  • The creamy consistency and high pigment 

Best Paint for Furniture: Chalk Style Burlap Paint for Decor

Best paint for Furniture Chalk Style Burlap Paint for Decor

Check Price on Amazon

Did you ever paint burlap with chalk paint? If yes, then you’re not going to be surprised. But if not, then you’ll be surprised while you see this paint on our list. Chalk paint is also ideal and recommended for use on burlap. That is why we bring a unique and popular paint called chalk-style paint. 

Chalk-style paint is specifically formulated for home decor and furniture. So, it would use on burlap furniture, craft, and art projects. An excellent coverage, long-lasting, durability, ease of use, and more features are available. With chalk-style paint, you’ll get a great result. 

It is also a safe paint with no harmful smell. It allows you to do your project with joy. Don’t worry about eco-friendly and odor. The product is a low odor and is eco-friendly as well.

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  • Dries within 30 minutes to a chalky matte finish. 
  • Suitable for exterior and interior painting 
  • No prep work is required 
  • Best for craft and art projects 
  • Eco-friendly with ultra-low VOC 


  • Sometimes require prep work on some surfaces

Key Features:

  • Chalky and matte finish
  • Superior adhesion plus coverage 
  • Best for indoor and outdoor projects 
  • Safe for children toys and furniture 
  • Eco-conscious with no harsh chemicals 

Things to Consider Before Buying Paint for Burlap 

To purchase the best paint for burlap, you need to consider some factors. I will discuss some points to show you and compare the best paint for painting burlap. Compare the products with your needs, then choose one of the best burlap paint from our list. 

Let’s jump to the buying guide section and find out the best item.


At first, we’ve to check out the quality of the burlap paint that you want to purchase. Remember, high-quality paint can give you high-performance satisfaction results. Do not select a low-quality paint for your burlap and expect a better result. 


It is another consideration while selecting a commercial paint for use on burlap. Think about your need and compare it with paint size. Is it fulfilled your need or not? If it goes to you correctly, select the paint in your cart.


Check out the application type before purchasing burlap paint. Some paint is easy to apply, and some are harder. So if you want to use yourself, consider the application process. 


One of the essential factors to consider is the price of the paint. We all want budget-friendly paint which is also of high quality. We hope all our paint for burlap painting is budget-friendly with professional quality. In this step, you can compare your budget and paint price. 


We all like to purchase our products from a famous, qualified, and international brand for this subject. A popular branded product could be qualify. We were expecting a better product from a valuable brand. 


Longevity is another feature to look after while considering buying paint. All of the paint is not last long. Some paint lasts longer with years and years without fading, cracking, and chipping. So check out your paint is lasts longer or not. 

Finish type

Moreover, when we’re painting our goods, finish type is essential. Some paints provide a glossy finish, shiny finish, and bright finish.


There are lots of paint colors available online or local market. That is why we’ve brought more different colors of paint for burlap in our top-rated list. Try to match the color with what you want to paint. 


Durability is also a necessary factor in finding out the best paint. A durable paint lasts longer, provides the best job, multiple surfaces protection, and more. Thus, we find out durable paint to get the best result. 

Our Recommendation 

I’ve checked all the considerations and compared the paint above to the top-rated list. After then, I chose three paint for painting burlap by numbering 5 🌟, 4 🌟 , and 3 🌟 rated.

5 star rated:  Jacquard Fabric Paint Textile Primary & Secondary 8 Color Set

4 star rated: Crafts 4 All Fabric Paint Set

3 star rated: Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint to Use on Burlap

I hope these are the best paint for burlap on you. Also, you can research yourself and find out the best one for your favorite burlap.

FAQ’s of Painting Burlap

Final words:

This guide will tell you all about fabric paints and burlap paint. We also tell you what paint to use on burlap? You read the guide and know all the information about it. Here we listed our top best paint for burlap. You can also see and read all the good reviews. We hope you like one of the paint and buy them. Thanks

What kind of paint can I use to paint burlap?

Many burlap paints are available for burlap painting, but all are not good to use. In our recommendation, you can use acrylic craft paint, chalk paint, craft paint, and fabric paint for burlap. These paints are suitable to use for burlap and make different designs. 
For your information, don’t use oil-based paints for burlap because they cause much harm to burlap. They are generally a bit longer and not adhes for many. So if you want to paint burlap, choose these types of paints.

What paint will stick to the fabric?

Now you want to know what paint will stick to the fabric. The answer is acrylic craft paint. Acrylic paint dries fast and has many vibrant colors for design. Moreover, the object takes a long time and makes it suitable. It is colorless and flexible, so it is suitable for fabric. When fabric paint is not available, it is best to choose this paint.

Can you spray-paint a burlap wreath?

Yes, you can spray paint burlap, which provides an entirely different appearance. It’s great to know that we can spray paint the fabric to make it a different color, allowing me to use it even more frequently.

How do you paint stencils on burlap?

To paint stencils on burlap, start by laying out the burlap on a flat surface and securing it in place. Next, place the stencil on the burlap and use painter’s tape to hold it in place. Then, using a stencil brush, lightly dab the paint onto the burlap through the stencil, being careful not to use too much paint to avoid smudging or bleeding. Remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry completely before using or displaying your stenciled burlap project.

Can I use chalk paint on burlap?

Yes, chalk paint can be used on burlap to create a unique and vintage look. To use chalk paint on burlap, start by applying a thin layer of paint using a brush or roller. Allow the paint to dry completely before applying additional coats or distressing the burlap for a shabby chic effect.

Did Van Gogh paint on burlap?

It is unlikely that Van Gogh painted on burlap as burlap was not a common painting surface during his time. Van Gogh mostly painted on canvas, which was the preferred surface for oil painting during the late 19th century. While burlap was available during his time, it was mostly used for utilitarian purposes such as making sacks, and was not commonly used as an artistic medium until much later.

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